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, another chapter of the

Mujeres al Sur

podcast that


has the pleasure of sharing with our readers.

In this episode we talk about powerful, creative and diverse women from Cuba, the United States and Argentina.

Who are our protagonists?

Kari Krenn,

writer, traveler, and human rights activist

Sara Cooper

, essayist, literary promoter, and gender professor at the California State University

Laidi Fernández

de Juan, doctor, narrator, and reference to literary costumbrismo

Luisa Valenzuela

, multi-award-winning writer of novels, stories and essays


Ana Fernández and Julieta García


Julieta García Ríos and Patricia María Guerra Soriano


Lisandra Ronquillo Urgellés


Yusmilis Dubrosky


Go away from me

/ Bola de Nieve

Alma mía

/ Bola de Nieve

Constant Craving

/ kdlang

Orquesta Romántica Milonguera / Magdalena Gutiérrez and Germán Ballejo

Gracias a la vida

/ Alexander Echandia (instrumental)

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