If the USA and Germany do transfer their tanks to Ukraine, it will be a "turning point" and a "radical change of concepts".

This opinion was expressed by Major General of the SBU Reserve, Deputy Head of the SBU (2014-2015) Viktor Yagun, FREEDOM informs.

According to him, one of the key problems in the supply of tanks was the amount of equipment in full operation as of now.

"The problem was not only in making a cardinal decision about what is transferred to us. And the problem was where to take them now. And we paid attention, of course, to the Leopards, since they are the most suitable for us in terms of their characteristics . And primarily because, despite their difficulty in use, they are here in Europe. In fact, some of them were ready to be transferred to us by some countries. And the total number that could be transferred if desired was

about 100 units

. If you increase the number of these tanks, then it was necessary to make a decision there to connect repair crews and workshops," explained Yagun.

He clarified that it is about the number of tanks that are currently in full combat readiness.

What is wrong with Abrams

According to Yagun, the largest number of tanks that could be obtained from Ukraine and that are available are the American Abrams.

"Not the newest, but some of the latest modifications, which are in large numbers, as for us, in special conservation landfills in the United States. There are

thousands of

them there ," he said.

The expert explained that these tanks are

very difficult to maintain


Therefore, together with the tanks, special repair units should be transferred, military personnel should be trained, mechanics who could repair them, and spare parts should be transferred.

In addition, the biggest

problem with Abrams is the engines

: not diesel (as in Leopard tanks), but gas turbines.

"They are actually

helicopter engines

. And you can imagine what it means to service such a diesel engine, which is more or less understandable for our soldiers. And what is it like to service helicopter engines? These are completely different things, another level. But what if the USA decides such a decision, I think our guys will cope with it. And of course, it will be a radical change of concepts," Yagun concluded.

We will remind that the German government officially agreed to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

It is about 14 units - a tank company.

Information appeared in the mass media that the Americans may also transfer heavy Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

According to CNN, the US is finalizing the plan to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

According to Sky News Arabia, US President Joe Biden allegedly agreed to transfer Abrams tanks to Ukraine in order to influence Berlin on the transfer of German-made Leopard tanks.

Politico wrote that the Biden administration is considering sending about 30 Abrams tanks.

Previously, the Pentagon explained that they do not give Abrams tanks to the Armed Forces allegedly because of difficulties in operation.

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