Vaccination calendar — what you need to be vaccinated against

At the moment, vaccinations against ten serious diseases remain mandatory in Ukraine:

  • measles;

  • whooping cough;

  • rubella;

  • poliomyelitis;

  • tetanus;

  • tuberculosis;

  • hepatitis B;

  • diphtheria;

  • hemophilic infection;

  • parotitis.

Vaccines, which are necessary for immunization of the population, are purchased with funds allocated from the state budget.

They are transferred to the regions.

Therefore, vaccinations are carried out free of charge.

Vaccination calendar for 2023

According to the vaccination calendar, the schedule in 2023 will be as follows:

Vaccination calendar in Ukraine for 2023 / Photo:

Each country has developed its own vaccination calendar.

In Ukraine, it is an official document approved by the Ministry of Health.

The schedule of vaccinations was approved

by the order of the Ministry of Health No. 947

, which entered into force on April 18, 2018.