When the cold current hits, the Taiping Mountain is completely white, exuding a strong northern style.

(Provided by Luodong Forest Management Office)

[Reporters Chen Xinyu, Jiang Zhixiong, Tong Zhenguo, Huang Meizhu, Huang Mingtang/Comprehensive Report] The cold weather is temporarily suspended. Today, the fifth day of the lunar new year is warmer for a short time, and the western half can embrace the sun. Suitable for a day out.

There will be another cold snap report tomorrow, which will affect the closing holiday. On Saturday and next Sunday morning and night, the low temperature in the north will drop by 6 degrees, and the central and south will be about 7 degrees. The Taipei Weather Station has a chance to set a new low temperature for winter this year.

Six degrees in the north and about seven degrees in the south

The Siyuan Pass at the junction of Yilan and Taichung, and the Mingchi Forest Recreation Area on the Beiheng Highway, snowed continuously the night before last. There were also many bald spots in Yufeng Village on the back mountain of Jianshi in Hsinchu, and Shilei, Shangtiyao and "God's Tribe" Sima Kusi, snow fell after 7:30 last night.

In the Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area and the South Horizontal, ice and graupel appeared in the sun, while Hehuanshan saw rime.

The Meteorological Bureau observed the lowest temperature in Taiwan yesterday morning in Chiayi City.

Nine degrees.

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Zeng Zhaocheng, a forecaster of the Meteorological Bureau, said that today the high temperature in the north will rise to above 20 degrees, and the temperature in the central and south will be about 20 to 22 degrees.

The second cold wave of the Spring Festival holiday will hit on Friday, and it will get colder as the night progresses. It is estimated that the lowest temperature will appear on Saturday night or next Sunday morning.

There will be sporadic rainfall in Greater Taipei and the eastern half on Friday. The northern part will turn dry and cold on Saturday and Sunday, with a low temperature of about 8 to 10 degrees, and a local drop of 6 degrees, and 12 to 16 degrees during the day.

The low temperature in the central and southern regions is about 10 to 12 degrees, and the local temperature drops to 7 degrees. The high temperature during the day exceeds 20 degrees, and the temperature difference between day and night is large.

The chances of snowfall are low due to the cold and dry air.

Next Monday, the daytime cold snap will weaken on the opening day of work, and the temperature in various places will gradually rise. The temperature difference between day and night in the central and southern regions will be large.