A specialized police operation in Vidinsko found illegal wood in three trucks with Romanian registration.

The trucks were stopped for inspection yesterday around noon on the main road E-79, in the area of ​​the village of Sratsimir, reports the press center of the Regional Directorate (OD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Vidin.

The amount of wood transported did not correspond to what was reflected in the documents presented by the drivers, the police said.

The guides have been issued documents under the Forestry Act.

The exceeded amount of wood was seized.

Three preliminary checks have been established at the Kula police station. 

Increase in illegal logging in forests

During the last police operation conducted on January 20 in the area of ​​the village of Archar, the Vidin police seized a total of 45 cubic meters of unmarked wood.

They found 25 cubic meters of wood without a control forest mark in the yard of a 78-year-old resident of the village.

This is shown by a BTA reference in the police bulletin of the Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Vidin.

During inspections of five other addresses, police officers found and seized another 20 cubic meters of wood without a control forest mark.

Preliminary investigations have been initiated in the cases.

The total amount of seized unmarked wood during the action amounted to 45 cubic meters.

During the past week, in the period January 16-22, the employees of the "Northwestern State Enterprise" (SZDP)-Vratsa checked 78 sites for wood extraction and 110 motor vehicles in the 23 territorial divisions managing the state forest territories in northwestern Bulgaria .

The confiscated firewood is 43 spatial cubic meters. Two carts, one vehicle and a chainsaw were seized.

This is according to a SZDP report provided to BTA.

For the whole of 2022, nearly 8,000 fellings were checked on the territory of the SZDP.

About 36,000 inspections were carried out by the employees of the state enterprise last year in the state forest territories.

The inspections marked an increase compared to the previous year 2021, with 7 thousand more inspections carried out in the state forests.

The total number of inspected logging sites exceeded 7,700, and the vehicles passed through inspection mobile teams were over 10,000. 

For detected violations, the employees of the territorial divisions handed over 700 acts under the Forestry Act.

More than 600 spatial cubic meters of firewood, nearly 60 vehicles, 91 carts and about 70 chainsaws were confiscated.

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