not only busy proposing amendments to the constitution

Unlocking the tenure of being Prime Minister for 8 years or giving 500 baht for a car to voters until they are insulted.

But the corner is useful for society.

Deserving to be praised is seen as well.

Most recently,

Pornpetch Wichitcholchai,

President of the Senate

just launched the team

“Palm Moon CPR saves lives”

The name sounded like a Chinese martial arts movie, but the real thing was training to provide basic life support knowledge.

Cooperation between the Senate and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) to set up a special team

There are representatives from every office in the Senate and Congressional Police.

Attend a CPR training course

Let every office be ready to save lives.

In case a person is found unconscious or has stopped breathing in the council

that the parliamentary nursing team may not be able to help patients in a timely manner

It is part of the National Assembly's Unity for Happiness project.

to increase the chance of survival

when there is an emergency

Yes, there will be only clues

but good things to do

It can be seen!!!

Phairot Chalokkongthaworn / Report