US officials said that the Biden administration is

ready to approve the shipment of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine


The decision to send just over 30 tanks could be announced soon, although it could take months for the tanks to arrive.

AR writes about this with reference to representatives of the American government. 

Details are still being worked out.

One US official said the tanks would be purchased as part of the upcoming Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative package, which provides long-term funding for weapons and equipment to be purchased from commercial suppliers.

The US announcement is expected to be consistent with Germany's announcement that it will approve Poland's request to transfer German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, according to one official.

The mass media specify that the officials spoke on condition of anonymity, as the decision has not yet been made public.

By agreeing to send the Abrams at an as-yet unspecified time as part of the aid initiative, the US administration can thus satisfy German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's demand for an American commitment without immediately sending tanks.

Much of the aid sent so far in the 11-month war has come through a separate program from Pentagon stockpiles to get weapons to Ukraine more quickly.

But even under this program, it will take months to deliver the tanks to Ukraine and train Ukrainian forces to operate them.

Currently, it is not clear how soon the US will begin training the Ukrainian military on Abrams and approximately how soon they will be able to get to the front.

At the same time, some officials in Washington believe that it would be more productive to send German Leopards, since many allies have them, and Ukrainian forces will need less training than the more sophisticated Abrams.

Transfer of American tanks to Ukraine 

Earlier, American mass media reported that the US is finalizing the plan to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

In particular, according to Sky News Arabia, US President Joe Biden allegedly agreed to transfer 10 Abrams tanks to Ukraine in order to influence Berlin on the transfer of German-made Leopard tanks.

Previously, the Pentagon explained that they do not give Abrams tanks to the Armed Forces allegedly because of difficulties in operation.

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