The U.S. House of Representatives' "U.S.-China Strategic Competition Select Committee" has set its agenda. Chairman Gallagher said that he will give priority to reviewing Taiwan's arms purchases and increase the importance of assisting Taiwan in self-defense.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The "Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between the US and China" (Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between the US and China), which was unanimously supported by the Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S. House of Representatives, has finalized its agenda and plans to investigate Taiwan's China’s military support, the controversy over the international version of TikTok, the Chinese short video and video community program “Douyin”, and China’s land acquisition near US military bases have provided “supportive firepower” to Taiwan’s arms purchase issue, raising the importance of assisting Taiwan’s self-defense issue.

According to a report by the American political news media Roll Call on the 24th, the chairman of the committee, Republican congressman Mike Gallagher (Mike Gallagher), said, "How do we prevent Ukraine from becoming Taiwan's tomorrow? I think this will be the focus of our committee's work." topic.” He said the committee would start preparations in February and hold expert hearings in March at the latest.

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On the issue of arms sales to Taiwan, Gallagher wanted to learn more about the backlog of $18 billion worth of arms and military equipment.

Although this batch of arms procurement has been approved by the US Congress, it has not yet been delivered to Taiwan.

In a joint article on the committee last month, Gallagher and House Speaker Kevin McMarthy, who pushed for the committee's creation, emphasized that assisting Taiwan's self-defense would be an urgent priority for the committee.

In addition, Gallagher said that the committee may review areas in which U.S. domestic industries are too economically dependent on China, or "corrupted by Chinese capital and influence," and will gain insight into China's purchase of land near U.S. military bases to establish outposts, As well as the emergence of Chinese police service stations on U.S. soil, it may play a role in monitoring and coercing Chinese overseas Chinese or Chinese Americans.

Gallagher pointed out that the committee will focus on making policy recommendations rather than weighing financial issues. For example, committee members may recommend certain policy changes, or emphasize that initiatives led by allies in the Indo-Pacific region may be suitable for US investment.

Gallagher acknowledged the need to get the panel up and running as soon as possible to help the Defense Department come up with military policy in the next authorization bill.

McCarthy announced the committee's 12 Republican members on the 23rd, and the Democratic members have not yet been announced.

One of the Republican members, Korean-American California Congressman Michelle Steel issued a statement expressing support for the committee, emphasizing that "we can no longer stand by and allow the Chinese Communist Party's influence and hostility to free and sovereign countries around the world to continue to expand. .”