During the Spring Festival, the Taipei City Labor Inspection will send personnel to inspect the related projects of the Taiwan Lantern Festival from time to time, so that the Lantern Festival can be held safely and smoothly.

(Photo provided by Taipei City Labor Bureau)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] The 2023 "Taiwan Lantern Festival" returns to Taipei after 23 years. It will be held from February 5th to 19th. The Bureau of Cultural Communications, Bureau of Culture, and major manufacturers of stage erectors and lamp holders held safety publicity sessions. The Labor Inspection Office also sent personnel to inspect from time to time during the Spring Festival, so that the Lantern Festival could be held safely and smoothly.

Liang Cangqi, director of the labor inspection department, said that many festivals held in Taipei City in recent years required the installation of large-scale stages, lighting and audio equipment. "Matter Manual" to urge business units to follow safe operating procedures for construction and reduce operational risks.

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In order to cope with the safety of the Taiwan Lantern Festival-related projects, the Labor Inspection Office had a good grasp of the construction scale and schedule in advance, and on January 5, it invited the Bureau of Viewing and Communication, the Bureau of Culture, and major manufacturers of stage erection and lamp base construction to conduct a safety promotion meeting. , to remind institutions to pay attention to construction risks and follow the established occupational safety and health plan, and send personnel to check irregularly during the Spring Festival, so that the Lantern Festival can be held safely and smoothly.

In addition, in order to urge business units to implement disaster prevention work in workplaces before and after the Spring Festival, the Labor Inspection Office launched a plan to strengthen labor inspections during the Spring Festival since December 27 last year, and carried out inspections on high-risk workplaces and construction projects. As of January this year As of the 13th, a total of 771 construction sites, 1,053 public institutions were inspected, 7 items of work were suspended, and 127 items of fines were imposed. The estimated amount of fines was 4.44 million yuan.

Gao Baohua, director of the labor bureau, called on many major projects to continue to be constructed during the festival. Employers should pay more attention to occupational safety and health risks, and ensure that their employees abide by occupational safety and health regulations, so that workers can complete their work safely and spend the festive season in good health.