The U.S. military's "M1 Abrams" series of main tanks (MBTs) is firmly seated as the king of the world's army's main tanks.

The picture shows the M1A2 tank participating in the US-ROK joint military exercise.

(Associated Press file photo)

[Compiled Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] The main tank "M1 Abrams MBT" (M1 Abrams MBT), which has been in service for nearly 40 years in the U.S. military, has continued to improve and evolve, and it is still the king of the main tanks of the global army.

The "Wall Street Journal" exclusively reported on the 24th that U.S. officials revealed that the Biden administration is inclined to provide Ukraine with a considerable number of "M1 Abrams" series main tanks, and the delivery may be announced this week.

The announcement would be part of a wider diplomatic understanding with Germany, with Berlin agreeing in principle to supply Ukraine with a small number of its own Leopard 2 MBTs and granting permission for Poland and other countries to send Ukraine delivered more Leopard-2s.

That would resolve a rift between the US and Germany over tanks that could drive a rift as the Russo-Ukrainian war approaches its anniversary.

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The White House declined to comment for this story.

U.S. military officials have publicly stated before that the "M1 Abrams" uses fuel-intensive, high-maintenance gas turbine engines, and it is difficult for Ukraine to establish its logistics system at this stage. Actually not ideal.

However, White House and State Department officials are more open to providing "M1 Abrams", hoping to break the diplomatic deadlock of Germany's supply of "Leopard-2", avoid deepening the rift between the "Pro-Ukraine Alliance" on the issue of aid to Ukraine, and accelerate Provide more western tanks to Ukraine.

The supply of U.S. main tanks to Ukraine has become a contentious issue within the Biden administration and has called into question the unity of the "Pro-Ukrainian coalition," as German officials initially said Germany would not be the first to supply Western combat vehicles, the report said. Cars to the country of Ukraine, unless the United States first provides "M1 Abrams".

It is reported that Ukraine has requested the "Leopard-2" from Germany since September last year, but has not been able to do so.

In recent days, France, Poland, Finland, etc. have stepped down to pressure Germany to agree to transfer their own "Leopard-2" to Uzbekistan.

According to the German military export regulations, other countries that want to supply the German-made "Leopard-2" tanks must obtain the approval of the German side.

However, the Swiss "New Zurich Zeitung" quoted sources in the military industry on the 23rd and disclosed that the real reason for Germany's hesitation towards the "Leopard-2" aid to Ukraine was not fear of Moscow, but the concern that the US "M1 Abrams" would seize the opportunity to seize the European arms market. , weakening Germany's influence in Europe and even negatively affecting its economy.