The line "Who hasn't gone to junior high school?" in the Chinese Spring Festival Gala short drama "Pit" was interpreted by netizens as a satire that Xi Jinping actually only had a primary school education.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] China's most watched TV program during the Spring Festival, "China Central Radio and Television Spring Festival Gala" (Spring Festival Gala), as usual, appeared on the evening of New Year's Eve on the 21st, but it caused a lot of controversy. Not only the theme song " Huakaihuahuajia" is suspected of plagiarizing a well-known Japanese anime and game song. A short play called "Keng" has also become the focus of heated discussions on the Internet. Many people interpret the lines in the play as satirizing President Xi Jinping.

Based on reports from Chinese and Hong Kong media, "The Pit" tells the story of a "lying flat" transportation official who doesn't want to make progress and adopts a completely different attitude when facing the supervisor and the public. It is full of jokes and makes people feel emotional.

Well-known Chinese comedian Shen Teng played the role of the "Director Hao". He usually muddled through his work and shirked the blame for a hole on the road that had not been filled for a long time. He was unwilling to take responsibility and was fired by the new director who fell into the hole. .

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According to reports, from time to time in the play, bureaucratic rhetoric such as "the public must go through the process of reporting problems", "do more and make more mistakes, do less and make fewer mistakes, and do nothing is good", deeply satirizes officials who lie flat and foolish.

Shortly after the broadcast of the program, the accident only attracted the attention of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection/National Supervisory Commission.

The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection immediately published an article titled "Leaning Flat-style Cadres Can't Be Deceived Again" in the early morning of the 22nd, claiming that the social harm of "flat-style cadres" is obvious, delaying the development of the party and the country, harming people's livelihood and well-being, and hurting people. won the hearts of the people.

To rectify "lying flat cadres", it is very important to establish a sound and scientific selection and appointment mechanism, resolutely say no to "lying flat cadres", and avoid "doing more and making more mistakes, doing less and making fewer mistakes, and not doing good" Misconceptions are rampant.

At the same time, the two lines in the play also sparked heated discussions among netizens: "What are you showing off? Who hasn't been to junior high school?", "In the final analysis, it is because your people are not aware of the potential risks of the road." Many people will "Who hasn't gone to junior high school?" Interpreted as mocking Xi Jinping who actually only has a primary school education.

And "the public's lack of awareness of risk prevention" is a satire. After the fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang at the end of November last year, a government spokesperson accused the fire of "the people's lack of awareness of potential road risk prevention" and refused to admit that the authorities used epidemic prevention as an excuse to block the fire. The behavior of the street is the main cause of this tragedy.

On November 24, 2022, a serious fire broke out in Jixiangyuan Community in Tianshan District, Urumqi City, the capital of Xinjiang, killing 10 people and injuring 9 others.

The public believed that the reason for the heavy casualties was that the epidemic prevention and control measures hindered the rescue, making it impossible for residents to escape, which in turn triggered the follow-up "white paper movement" against the "dynamic zeroing" policy across the country.

The lines of the Chinese Spring Festival Gala short play "The Pit" were interpreted by netizens as satirizing Xi Jinping.

(The picture is taken from the Spring Festival Gala video)