Finland and Sweden subscribe to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO.

NATO has 30 members, 28 of which have been recognized by Sweden and Finland, with only two remaining, Turkey and Hungary.

Sweden's accession to NATO seems to be a problem. On Monday, January 23, 2023, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Sweden that

“Don't expect Turkey to encourage Sweden to join NATO.”

To become a full member

Former members of all 30 countries must be unanimously adopted.

Turkey was angry with Sweden for two things. The first was that a number of Kurds who opposed the Turkish government fled to Sweden.

The Turkish government asked the Swedish government to return the Kurdish suspect to the Turkish government for trial.

But the Swedish government has always remained silent on this matter.

The second is that Sweden is a country that allows freedom of expression for individuals, whether it be political, economic, social or even religious. Saturday January 21, 2023 A Swedish far-right politician named Rasmus Paludan Received permission from the Swedish police to protest in front of the Turkish embassy.

In protest, the Great Quran was burned.

This made President Erdogan angry with the police and the Swedish government.

That's not enough

Kurds in exile in Sweden staged a protest by hanging Erdogan's effigy in Stockholm in early January 2023.

because they want support from Turkey

Leaders of the Swedish government have visited Turkey to encourage Turkey to accept Sweden in NATO.

There are also many people who are preparing to fly to Turkey, such as the president of the Swedish parliament or the Swedish defense minister.

But now Mr Erdogan is so angry with Sweden that he summoned an ambassador.

and withdrew invitations to both the Speaker of the Council and the Minister of Defense of Sweden.

Nato is riotous, there is a relatively high internal rift.

Many Europeans oppose NATO about NATO helping Ukraine fight against Russia.

Many election campaigning politicians catch up with the people's demands and take the matter of 'sending' or 'not sending' troops to help with NATO forces in their campaigns.


Czech presidential elections to be held on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 January 2023 (2 rounds of voting).

Up ahead of the curve and likely to win is ex-prime minister and billionaire Andrey Babich. Next in the score is Peter Powell, a former field general. grown up

General Pavel was chairman of the NATO Military Commission during


Babish announced that

If Poland or 3 countries in the Baltic Sea (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) are attacked, if they become president

will not approve sending troops to join NATO

current situation

Who would attack Poland and the Baltic Sea countries?

If not Russia

“I want peace.

I don't want war

I will absolutely not send children and children of Czech mothers to war.” Babich's words resonated with Czech voters.

but offended Poland and the three countries in the Baltic Sea

politics in europe

Now the people want clarity, not vagueness. Tell me, are you going to send us or our children to war against Russia?

As far as I can see

Europeans today know that the war that is happening now is just a war that the United States has created to halt Russia's growth.

by using Selensky and Ukrainian soldiers to fight instead

If Sweden doesn't clear Turkey well

The prospect of NATO expanding its membership from 30 nations to 32 nations seems difficult.

Unity among NATO members is beginning to fade.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai