Ihar Losik, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in December 2021, is serving his sentence in Navapolatka Colony No. 1.

His wife Daria Losik was detained on October 18, 2022, a criminal case was opened and she was placed in the Brest pre-trial detention center.

Igor and Dasha could not correspond - correspondence between prisoners is prohibited until the sentence.

On January 18, Daria Losik was sentenced to 2 years in prison for commenting on the Belsat television channel, which is recognized as an extremist organization.

After the verdict, the administration of the Navapolat colony allowed Igor to correspond with his wife.

He has already written 6 letters to Dasha.

But it is not yet known whether the correspondence of Dasha, who is still in the Brest pre-trial detention center, was allowed.

The couple has a four-year-old daughter, Pavlinka, who is now taken care of by Igor's and Dasha's parents.

The girl recently went to kindergarten.

She misses her parents very much.

Ihar's grandfather, his mother's father, died last weekend.

Grandfather was buried on Tuesday.

In February, Igor will be able to receive a large food donation (which is allowed once every 3 months).

In March, his relatives are going to meet him (political prisoners are given long-term appointments for one day, not two, like ordinary prisoners).

Criminal prosecution of Igor Losik

Criminal proceedings were instituted against the administrator of the "RB Brain" community and the freelance consultant of Radio Svaboda Ihar Losik according to Part 1 of Art.

342 of the Criminal Code ("preparation for violation of public order") and Part 2 of Art.

293 ("preparation for participation in mass riots").

Losik was detained on June 25, 2020 after a house search in Baranavichy.

At that time, 167,000 people were subscribed to his Telegram channel "RB Brain".

Ihar Losik actively covered the events of the presidential elections of Belarus.

Human rights activists recognized him as a political prisoner.

On December 15, after the presentation of the second indictment, Igor Losik announced a protest hunger strike and held it until January 25.

On March 11, 2021, Losik was charged with a new charge.

As a sign of protest, Igor injured his wrist in front of the lawyer and the investigator, and also announced a dry hunger strike.

For this, Losik was placed in the cell of Zhodzin remand prison.

He stayed there for five days, four of which he was on a dry hunger strike.

It is not known under which article new charges were brought against Losik.

His lawyer, Dmitrii Lepretar, is under a bond of non-disclosure.

Ihar's wife and two-year-old daughter are waiting at home.

The wife used to come to the place of the closed court and was on duty near the building, without even having a chance to go in and be at the trial.

On December 14, in the pre-trial detention center-3 building in Gomli, judge

Mikalai Dolya

sentenced 6 defendants:

  • Ihar Losik

    was sentenced to 15 years in prison,

  • Artem Sakav

    - 16 years old,

  • Mykola Statkevich

    - 14 years old,

  • Dmitriy Popov

    - 16 years old,

  • Serhiy Tsikhanovsky

    - 18 years old,

  • Vladimir Tsyganovich

    - 15 years of imprisonment.