The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia has informed the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it once again strongly condemns the statements of MEP Angel Dzambazki

Angel Jambazki is a Bulgarian nationalist and politician, vice-chairman of the "VMRO", reports the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Skopje.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in North Macedonia recommends to President Stevo Pendarovski "to react appropriately to his colleague, the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev, and information about this behavior (of Dzambazki) and distinguishing him from him, will also be sought from the President of the European Parliament." .

Spasovski: On 4.02 we will decide what to do if Dzambazki comes to the border of RS Macedonia

"Threats and threatening statements are a matter that the security authorities are dealing with, we expect them to take a serious look at Jambazki's latest statements and make an appropriate decision to restrict his access to the country," the message reads.

On Nova TV yesterday, in response to a question related to the proposal of the President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, the government of North Macedonia to limit the entry into the country "of one MEP and several other persons from Bulgaria", Djambazki commented that the President of North Macedonia should be reminded that "many other people have tried to bar the entry of VMRO leaders

VMRO – Bulgarian National Movement (VMRO–BND) is a nationalist Bulgarian political party in Macedonia and the latest such result is what happened to the Yugoslav, Serbian King Alexander Karadjordjevic.

So, let's learn from history, if he tries to ban us from Macedonia, let him see history and learn from it."

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