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It will be very difficult to form a government even after the elections.

The mechanism of mandates includes the responsibility of parties to at least propose a government.

There are clear criteria for whether a party has made an effort or not.

All parties are to blame for not having a government.

This was stated by the political scientist Assoc. Tatiana Burudzhieva in the program "More from the day" on BNT.

According to political scientist Antony Todorov, it was clear that it would be very difficult to form a majority.

"However, all parties gave the appearance of wanting to form a government," he pointed out.

"It is very easy to agree that the parties do not want to govern.

The truth is that the state will not collapse even under the worst and most stupid governments, at least for another 20 years.

There is a resource, and the political forces should want it, because they have to govern in a way that none of them wants.

They should sit at the same table and understand each other," stressed Burudzhieva.

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"There is a stumbling block because a compromise had to be made.

GERD is to blame for not doing so.

They did not offer their leader.

There is no longer even talk of changing the Constitution proposed by GERB, but what happened to the protests?" Todorov asks.

"The voters have expressed their attitude towards the parties.

Pluralism has clearly said that you tolerate or you don't - the voters decided with whom you sit at the same table, even if you don't tolerate.

Coalitions in politics are not for love, but for getting work done.

So was 1990.

And then it was difficult to form a government.

Politics allocates resources.

If you can't distribute them, you don't want to form a government, Assoc. Burudzhieva also said.

According to her colleague, the proposal for a presidential republic was made hastily and badly.

Prof. Tatiana Burudzhieva made a forecast for the government after the elections.

She recalled that the main parties made some kind of request that led to the idea that a government would be formed.

"I hope that the parties will address the citizens and explain to them what they want in order to have a government," Antony Todorov added.

Associate Professor Tatiana Burudzhieva

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