Government and senators retaliate against opposition

Decline the quorum, join the parliament, obstruct the draft amendment of the constitution, break the sword, the senators elect the prime minister "Somchai", tumultuously asking for a resolution.

The agenda was postponed incorrectly. "Chaiya" lashed out at common sense.

The opposition party submitted a "inviting" to the Constitutional Court, slaughtered "Sak Siam" from the minister, and revoked the right to vote.

Alleging wrongdoing under the Constitution, Section 144, using the status of Minister-Senior-Member-Komthon-Komthon to smash the state budget of 1.7 billion to enter the company itself, attacking the royal work

"Supachai", falsely slandering, discrediting the secretary. the

Thai government hopes for political results

Threatening to dissolve the party "Big Tu", rejecting the cabinet, throwing back the budget before the election

Critics have not dissolved the parliament because

The Royal Thai Police are not ready yet. Wa refined. "Don't ask about that person. I don't like it." "Thaksin" chased "Uncle Tu" home to raise children

Can determine the democratic pole, get more than 300 MPs, repeat going back to Thailand for sure

The problem of insufficient quorum continues to occur.

But the latest has expanded to include a special parliamentary meeting where government MPs join forces with senators (senators) not participating as a quorum to block the constitutional amendment bill, section 158 and section 272 on the coming of the prime minister. provided from

MPs and cutting the power of senators from voting to elect the prime minister

as proposed by the opposition

The senator hurriedly blocked the body to amend the constitution.

At 10:20 a.m. on January 25, the National Assembly held a joint parliamentary meeting with Mr. Chuan Leekpai, President of the National Assembly, acting as chairman of the meeting.

to consider a draft protocol to amend the ASEAN Sectoral Mutual Recognition Agreement

for auditing according to methodological standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing

After the meeting has approved the draft of the above protocol

Therefore, it is on the agenda for considering the draft amendments to the Constitution, Section 158 and Section 272, on the issue of the Prime Minister's contribution from the MPs and the cutting of power.

Senators refuse to vote for prime minister

as proposed by the opposition

Move up to consider replacing the draft.

Act on Promotion of Ethics and Professional Standards for Mass Media

But it appears that Mr. Somchai Sawangkarn, a senator, asked to discuss whether

The postponement of the agenda brought the opposition's constitutional amendment draft to be considered instead of the draft.

Act on Promotion of Ethics and Professional Standards for Mass Media

Is it valid according to the constitution and regulations of the National Assembly?

because amendments to the agenda must first be approved by the parliamentary meeting, but in this case the senators

No participant witnessed the postponement of the agenda.

Therefore, an urgent motion was proposed to the parliamentary meeting to vote on the postponement of the regulations.

Is this agenda unconstitutional?

"Chuan" clarified that the agenda was correctly included.

While Mr. Chuan clarified that

The postponement of such regulations was a meeting on the sidelines on January 19 that invited MPs from the government and the opposition to the cabinet to discuss the issue of the lack of quorum and the general debate timeframe without voting.

According to Article 152 of the constitution, it spoke about the joint parliamentary meeting on January 25 that if considering any matter, the resolution should be completed on that date.

The opposition proposed that the draft

The Act on Promoting Ethics and Mass Media Professional Standards requires a long debate.

because there are many controversial issues

may not vote on the same day

The meeting therefore agreed to postpone the agenda for amending the constitution for consideration instead.

therefore using the power of the President of the National Assembly to change the agenda

Make it a special meeting. You can do it. As for the bill on promoting ethics and professional standards in mass media, it's still there.

was not withdrawn even though the senator did not attend the meeting

but has notified the matter to the President of the Senate

Confirming the organization of the meeting agenda is the power of the President of the National Assembly to be able to do so.

is not contrary to the constitution or the rules of conduct of the National Assembly if the senator

Suspected that the change of the meeting agenda was done incorrectly

ready for the parliamentary meeting to vote as proposed

Mr. Somchai confirmed that he wanted the parliament to vote.

Immediately cause melee

Opposition MPs protested

Senators do not have the right to propose motions for the parliamentary session to vote.

Government-Senators retaliate for the collapse of the quorum

Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, MP for Nan, Pheu Thai Party leader, protested that Mr. Chuan was going to break the rules of the meeting to vote on the motion proposed by Mr. Somchai.

Because the motion proposed by Mr. Somchai is not something that needs to be resolved.

because the President of the National Assembly has the power to change the agenda

Mr. Somchai's proposal is dangerous.

Unconstitutional, embarrassing, aimed at arguing.

want to break the quorum

using dislike method

with Mr. Chuan cooperating as well

If Chuan insists on voting, the opposition will not cooperate in the meeting.

But Mr. Chuan insisted on voting.

Therefore pressed the buzzer to summon members to present themselves as a quorum for voting.

But he waited for 40 minutes and still didn't seem to have a complete quorum.

Due to an order from the government whip ordered to

MPs for the government

Do not show yourself as a quorum.

While the seat zone on the senator side

There are some people sitting together.

Although Mr. Chuan asked for cooperation from members to present themselves as a quorum

but did not receive cooperation

After waiting for a long time

Finally, Mr. Chuan said

There were only 275 members in the number, not enough to form a quorum.

The meeting adjourned at 13.35 hours.

Stoke common sense senator fails to solve the constitution

Mr. Chaiya Phromma, MP for Nong Bua Lam Phu, Pheu Thai Party, mentioned the case of Mr. Anusit Kunakorn, the senator who stated at the parliamentary meeting that the meeting was broken.

Causing the loss of the budget of 10 million baht each time that it is unlikely

Each meeting costs less than 10 million baht. The opposition exercises its legal right to block illegal bills. As for whether or not the parliamentary meeting was dissolved on January 25, the senators had to ask for common sense as well in order to intercept the constitutional amendment on the issue of cutting power.

Are senators participating in the election of the prime minister?

The opposition submits to the constitutional court against "Sak Siam"

At 11:30 a.m. at the National Assembly, Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, MP for Nan, leader of the Pheu Thai Party.

as leader of the opposition

led the opposition party team to submit a petition to Mr. Chuan Leekpai, Speaker of the House of Representatives, through Dr. Sukit Atthopakorn, an adviser to the Speaker of the House, to submit a petition to the Constitutional Court to rule on his membership as a minister and

MP of Mr. Sak Siam Chidchob, Minister of Transport, ended and revoked the right to apply for election, with Dr. Chon Nan saying

filing such a petition

because Mr. Saksayam violated Article 144 of the Constitution regarding the method for considering the draft annual budget.

This is a consequence of the past no-confidence debate on individual ministers.

According to section 151 of the constitution, there are several accusations against Mr. Saksayam as a minister.

Hope this filing is fruitful.

because of the clarity of various evidence

Use the power of your own company to get a job.

Mr. Pakornwut Udompipatsakul

Member of the list of MPs of the Kao Klai Party said that as a panelist, he did not trust Mr. Sak Siam.

The issue of hiding the assets of a private company that was found to be a company that received many jobs in Buriram from the Ministry of Transport.

this private company

Mr. Sak Siam is still the owner. Therefore, the acquisition of the company's work is clearly a conflict of interest.

Become a minister to enter work for a private company that he owns.

Going back to the case of the Constitutional Court ruling on Thanathorn's ownership of media shares


chairman of the progressive committee

had been diagnosed with reasonable grounds to suspect that Mr. Thanathorn did not actually transfer the shares

On this matter, the Constitutional Court therefore has absolute jurisdiction.

Use 3 states to hit the state budget 1.7 billion

Pol. Col. Tawee Sodsong, Member of Parliament

The Prachachat Party said that Section 144 of the constitution prohibits MPs, senators and committees from directly and indirectly utilizing the budget.

But in the case of Mr. Sak Siam having status as both a member of parliament and a minister and the budget committee consider setting up a budget for the Ministry of Transport.

especially the budget of the Department of Highways

Department of Rural Roads and the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) to a company that believes that Mr. Sak Siam is still a partner.

A lot of suspicious traces were found, for example, in 2020, the company received a budget from the Ministry of Transport of 563 million baht, in 2021 it received a budget of 657 million baht, and in 2022 it received a budget of 527 million baht, asking the Constitutional Court to investigate the use of the budget. incorrectly

Police Department threatens to file dissolution of the discredit party

Later at 1:45 p.m., Mr. Supachai Jaisamut, MP for the roster

Bhumjaithai Party announced that the accusation of Mr. Saksayam had been clarifying all along that prior to the election, the change of shareholders had been registered and the shareholding had ended.

Not involved in the direct and indirect interest in the preparation of the expenditure budget.

The opposition wants to discredit Mr. Saksayam to affect his popularity rating.

filed on

NACC to inspect

Haven't been diagnosed with fraud yet?

It is considered to use bias to interpret itself.

Insulting the PPP party for political gain

may be liable to slander with false statements according to

The Act on the Election of MPs to affect the popular vote. Is the PPP party considering defamation or not?

to file a lawsuit against the relevant agency

If the party leader or the party executive committee participates in the process, it will consider proceeding with dissolution of the party.

Knock, wash, wash, no vote 15-16 Feb.

At 2:00 p.m. at the parliament, there was a three-party whip meeting to discuss the general debate time frame.

Without voting according to section 152 of the constitution, then Mr. Suthin Klangsaeng, Pheu Thai Party MP, as the chairman of the opposition whip, said that in summary, the date of the meeting was discussed under section 152, February 15-16, 2023, the opposition. 24 hours, the government has 8 hours. On February 15, the meeting will begin at 09:30-02:30 the next day. On February 16, the debate will start at 09:00 and be completed by 24:00. The opposition will Go allocate time to discuss again.

including discussion content issues

under battle

"Take off the mask of good people" government representatives have a serious attitude to explain and answer questions from the opposition.

Although there was news about the dissolution of the parliament on February 14, but it was not discussed at the meeting.

Do not believe the battle. Collapsed quorum meeting to flee.

Chonnan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party, said he was not worried that the government might lose the quorum game in the general debate. Article 152 of the opposition filed a review in accordance with the provisions of the constitution that allowed it to be clarified by the cabinet.

Even if the opposition uses the quorum conditions to veto dissent

It is a mechanism that the opposition can do as a minority and is constitutional.

But if the government uses a mechanism that does not form a quorum

Do not let the opposition check

May it be deliberately violated the provisions of the constitution or not?

believes that the government does not do so

If not, discuss

will be discussed outside the House of Assembly

"Uncle Pom" shows full potential

On the same day, the Facebook page "General Prawit Wongsuwan" of Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Party Leader

PPP posted that

Thanks to the media and the public for their interest in the open letter on January 13, the number of searches on Google surpassed 1.5 million times on the second day.

It was the first phenomenon for themselves and the PPP that received feedback from society.

Although a newbie on social media, but not a newbie in politics, over the past 8 years, I have learned that politicians don't have to speak well, but they have to think well.

It is important to find talented people to join the work.

Must coordinate with all parties

compromise all parties to reduce conflict

He has proven himself both as

Army chief, politician

Especially in this government has supported until the end of the term.

The PPP aims to lead the country through the economic crisis.

Make a policy to hold the people.

Developing the country from the bottom up

In addition to the government welfare card policy

There is also a policy to build a strong community infrastructure.

adjust the energy structure to be fair

and reform the community primary health system.

"Big Tu" rejected the cabinet, pouring in the budget, repeating before the SET

At 11:00 a.m. at the Royal Thai Police Office, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, after the 1/2023 meeting of the Police Service Commission (Kor.Tor.) gave an interview.

various issues, but tried to refuse to answer political questions when asked if he intends to stay for a full term or not

General Prayuth said he asked another question when asked if he was worried about the performance of the police before the election.

General Prayut said that

It's not about the election or anything.

He was just worried about work.

Everything must be transparent


and according to the law

When asked if the cabinet meeting on Jan. 24 had a lot of budgets passed, it was considered close to the dissolution of the parliament or not.

General Prayut asked, "What budget?" The reporter replied that the budget for the election of Gen.

Prayuth said

probably will know when the election will be held

What are the rules?

When will the government expire?

Is it preparing for the election?

The matter of approving the budget is approving the budget that has been considered in the 2014 budget system. It must be done in advance.

Ultimately, depending on when it enters the council.

The council on that day did not know who would stay either.

in the Commission to have another amendment

Will it be cut or not cut to the same point over there?

But today there is a reason why it is necessary to say that according to the law.

In order to comply with the 2017 fiscal calendar, when asked to repeat that

not as a repetition at the end before the election

Gen. Prayut said emotionally that

“What are you throwing away?

Have you guys ever served here?

Have you ever heard about the budget system?

Do you know how they do it?

go study before you ask me.”

Prayut said emotionally that

“What are you throwing away?

Have you guys ever served here?

Have you ever heard about the budget system?

Do you know how they do it?

go study before you ask me.”

Prayut said emotionally that

“What are you throwing away?

Have you guys ever served here?

Have you ever heard about the budget system?

Do you know how they do it?

go study before you ask me.”

Prayut said emotionally that

“What are you throwing away?

Have you guys ever served here?

Have you ever heard about the budget system?

Do you know how they do it?

go study before you ask me.”

Prayut said emotionally that

“What are you throwing away?

Have you guys ever served here?

Have you ever heard about the budget system?

Do you know how they do it?

go study before you ask me.”

Preed "Don't ask about that person, I don't like it."

The reporter asked about the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister who came out to analyze whether

that the government has not yet dissolved parliament

Because the Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party (RTC) is not yet ready, especially the establishment of party branches.

Gen. Prayut said with a tone of emotion.

and immediately walked out of the podium and said

"Don't talk about that person, I don't like it."

Is pulling the game to dissolve the parliament so that Thais create a nation are ready or not, the prime minister did not answer, ready to get in the car and leave immediately

Before the meeting, the reporter asked if Thaksin suggested that he return to raise grandchildren.

Or go on a trip together, where Gen. Prayut only turns to look but does not answer questions

"Thaksin" retorts "Jatuporn", pointing out that he has been barked a lot.

Previously, on January 25, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister, spoke through the page Care Think Moved Thai on the topic "There is a question in mind, follow me."

Said on Facebook Live

Thailand must come first

Stating that Thaksin is not a fighter

not a democrat

Just a merchant thinking about profit all the time

No one can break the red shirt.

If Mr. Thaksin had not been involved in his name, Meo, Tony's name, now that name has been barked for 16 years since it has been barked.

Whoever remembers anything barks at himself first.

The more the military government issues retrospective law amendments

You can't sue anyone for defamation.

because he is not in the country

lied to himself because he knew he was not in Thailand

Because they will survive. Recently, in the NACC, these bastards have given false statements.

I will prosecute him regularly, but in conclusion, it's normal, indifferent, I've been hit a lot

Just got hit by two other people. Don't listen to them. Waste of ear cleaning solution.

Yawning is just one of the ways to earn money to support children and wives.

When the panelists asked whether Mr. Jatuporn could survive or once loved each other, he could hate each other.

Mr. Thaksin said

Spouses can sometimes get divorced.

It takes time to know what.

When driving together, spouses reach the red light, go on or not, go on together.

Everything that happens, stays, goes out, it's normal.

I would like to tell the Red Shirt people that humanity is the most important thing, knowing the sins, merits and guilt, knowing pain, knowing pain, knowing love, knowing hate. Next is being Thai.

When looking at other people as Thai people

Must look like a Thai person together

If people love democracy, they must live with democracy.

not democracy is dead

being a red shirt

have a heart for justice

Love for democracy is the most important. There are many ways for people to survive.

But if people with wisdom, fighting spirit, and perseverance, there will be ways to make a living for dedication and perseverance.

But how to raise it depends on the way of thinking.

According to their potential, where are they used?

Repeat back to Thailand, definitely do not have to Kia Xia PPP.

At one point, Mr. Thaksin said that

“I would like to apologize to all of you who have said that you will return to Thailand in 2022, really intending to do so.

But in the end, the situation is still dangerous.

His children are worried

But confirm that it's back.

And I emphasize that I do not rely on any political party, including Pheu Thai.

Live only in your own heart

So don't worry about me.

Emphasize once again that Ing (Ms. Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra, the head of the Pheu Thai family) will announce it myself when I return.

and no legislation will be issued to me

There is no compromise with the power of Pracharat.

to legislate for sure

I have always created myself by myself.

It's difficult to give people a chance to reconcile.

help yourself

and still have to go back.”

MPs for the Democratic Party over 300 "Form" heavyweight Prime Minister

Thaksin also assessed the next election that

The democratic side has combined more than 300 votes, for sure it exceeds the Thai Rath Poll. No. 1 is Pheu Thai, No. 2 is far ahead, but it's a rating poll.

Bangkok is almost divided between Pheu Thai and Kao Klai.

A little bit left. When Khun Pu (Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, former prime minister) got 264 votes, at that time Pheu Thai received 48% of the popular vote, but today the popular vote for Pheu Thai is close.

Thairath polls say Pheu Thai 48%, Nida polls say 42%, but really on election day

How can you get more than 48%? For Thailand, definitely slide when the panelists asked Gen.

Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, has received a survey that many people are pleased.

Be the big brother, able to coordinate conflicts

Will there be a chance to become Prime Minister or not?

Mr. Thaksin said

have to ask who

If the people set it up, it probably won't be.

In the electoral system, how many parties must be seen?

Pheu Thai Land Trend Slides Strongly

Has a lot of resistance

Even if you're abroad, you know who you meet with, who pays for whom.

to reduce the land slide

But no one can resist the land slide.

We cannot resist or order the people.

Today people want to vote.

Anyway, land slide.

People need people to solve problems.

I don't want someone to be his boss.

people who come to solve problems

No one but Pheu Thai

Some groups look at politics.

to look further

Some people who have a lot of money can buy it at a certain level.

Pheu Thai is over 200, the second party is less than 100, the third party is close.

The fourth, fifth party, less than 50 votes, would be very devastating.

I don't want someone to be his boss.

people who come to solve problems

No one but Pheu Thai

Some groups look at politics.

to look far ahead

Some people who have a lot of money can buy it at a certain level.

Pheu Thai is over 200, the second party is less than 100, the third party is close.

The fourth, fifth party, less than 50 votes, would be very devastating.

I don't want someone to be his boss.

people who come to solve problems

No one but Pheu Thai

Some groups look at politics.

to look far ahead

Some people who have a lot of money can buy it at a certain level.

Pheu Thai is over 200, the second party is less than 100, the third party is close.

The fourth, fifth party, less than 50 votes, would be very devastating.

RTS is not ready. "Big Tu" has not dissolved the parliament.

“Gen. Prawit definitely wants to be Prime Minister, wear jeans and go ahead.

I have to accept that you want to be

is your challenge

Want to compete with Ruam Thai Sang Chat because Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and Gen. Prawit have senators who raise their hands.

Different people can hope for this much. Bring a senator to help raise your hand to become prime minister. Amen. The democratic side has exceeded 300. As for the dissolution of parliament, I would like to analyze that someone said that the government would flee the debate according to section 152 of the constitution. This saw the information did not believe.

Do you think that the Prime Minister will stay for the term or dissolve a few days before the end of the term?

because the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party still has provincial representatives

not complete according to the law

will not be easy to complete

He had to pull the game.

The prime minister must pull it as long as possible.

The Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party

General Prayut hopes to get 25 votes in order to have the right to nominate the Prime Minister to vote in the House of Representatives.

As for the Palang Pracharat Party, the provisions are ready, ”said Thaksin.

Chasing "Uncle Tu" should go home to raise children

Mr. Thaksin said that

General Prayuth should go back and raise his grandchildren.

Even if you don't have grandchildren

should go babysit

Wait for him to return home and go on a trip together.

bring experiences to share

From the side of you who wields the most power

The person who cares about the people the most

Let's share and write a book together.

Today, unjust processes and organizations

Independent independent organizations and the military are dividing the country.

justice is not justice

play with friends

Like this, the country will be bad.

Even if we don't conflict with each other, we can't even compete with the world.

because this system has been around for a long time

Day by day, it will only decline and rot completely.

Today, if we do not dare to change, based on the principle that we will bring Thailand to the same level as the difficult world, then we must be kind and kind to Thai people together.

The fairness system is therefore important.

Deputy President of the Pathum Provincial Administrative Organization joins the roof of the PAT.

at Bhumjaithai Party, Mr. Chada Thaiseth, Deputy Leader of the PPP Party, Mr. Supachai Jaisamut, Party Member Registrar, Mr. Anavil Rattanasathaporn, Ms. Pornpimol Thammasarn, MP for Pathum Thani, PPP Party Welcoming Ms. Natthida Kiatpattanachai, a member of the Pathum Thani Provincial Administrative Organization, vice-president of the Pathum Thani Provincial Administrative Organization Council, No. 1, applied for a party membership and wore a party jacket.

Nice to join the PDP party.

Because it is a "talk and do" party, the important thing is to give people the opportunity to work.

came to work to solve the problems of the people's stomach

There are many good policies.

Especially 3-year debt suspension, early reduction, interest-free, no more than 1 million baht per person, rich agriculture, etc.

Jan. 28, stepping up, launching Khun Phon, Bangkok

Mr. Natcha Boonchaiinsawat

MP for Bangkok, deputy secretary-general of the Kaow Klai Party (Kor Kor.) for internal affairs and elections

Interview about the selection of candidates

List of MPs and Candidates

MPs for districts of the ACT party that candidates for district MPs are 95% complete, and the list of applications has been closed.

The party will hold its general meeting on January 28 at Thammasat University (TU), Rangsit Center, opening an election campaign policy.

Introducing 33 Bangkok stronghold applicants who wish to apply

list of MPs

There was a landslide in every direction.

Selected to be combined with the existing roster base of 30-40 people, totaling more than 180 people. After the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the top 10-20 roster rankings will be announced and gradually announced.

Ask a lot of questions about applicants.

Is the KG going to be a cobra again?

I can say that if I saw this round of selection process, I wouldn't dare to be even a green snake.

Close the door to the area. Don't shake hands with "Tu-Pom".

Mr. Natcha said that on January 28, he wanted people to keep an eye on the general meeting of the party.

We will talk deeply about if it is a government, who will we shake hands with?

or don't shake hands with anyone

When asked again if the PDP party took General Prawit Phuang with him to shake hands with the party.

Do you want to set up a government? Answer: Of course, if there is a trailer of General Prayut and Gen. Prawit, we do not agree.

Politics in the past made the people sad and tears in their blood.

When it comes to election time, jump to a new party to change the party's shirt color.

There are many ministers at all times.

People see it and can do anything, but the campaign will tell you.

must start changing from here together

If people are tired of these events, please choose us a lot.

We won't have to shake hands with anyone.

and form a single-party government

Tourism Authority of Thailand invites Yannawa people to solve the constitution

At the Flower Temple Community, Yannawa District, Major Sita Tiwari, Secretary General of the Thai Sang Thai Party (TAT), along with Mr. Karun Hosakul, former MP for Bangkok, Don Mueang District, Mr. Chavalit Wichayasut, former MP MP Nakhon Phanom and Mr. Narutchai Bunnag, candidate for MP for Bangkok, Yannawa District, opened a democratic village at Wat Dok Mai community.

Get the people to sign the constitutional amendment.

The anti-coup edition by Major Sita said that in the democratic regime, the first button is the constitution.

Thailand spends more than 2,000 million baht in the preparation of the constitution.

But the power does not lie with the people, instead giving the power to the senators from appointing the prime minister

When the constitution is distorted

So everything is distorted accordingly.

Corruption is rampant.

Therefore, there must be a constitution as a framework and a community council to check.

What kind of things the people want, they decide, not having MPs become banana-eating monkeys.

We need to strengthen community councils and

MPs must listen to the community council.

"Keng" insists on not letting the fight go to waste

Mr. Karun said

Today we campaign for an edible constitution.

If we get fifty thousand names, they will be included in the agenda of the National Assembly.

not from the barrel of a gun like before

I used to fight for democracy.

arrested for terrorism

being covered with head to adjust attitude

but will not let the battle go to waste.

will continue to fight for the stomach of the people

We will use the tip of a pen instead of the barrel of a gun, revolutionizing Thailand.

While Mr. Chavalit said

Today, we will come together to create a democratic constitution. Let's sign together and create another page of the country's history together.

And we hope to see democratic elections.

listening to the voice of the people

We need to look at the person who is the leader of the party who is knowledgeable, capable, honest, ready to solve the national problem.

Confident that he chose not to be wrong, to be with Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party

"Tae" sends "Kung Ploy" to the MPs of Ang Thong

At 1:00 p.m. at the Parliament, Mr. Mongkolkit


list of MPs

Leader of the Thai Sriwilai Party (Thon Sor.) led Ms. Kanittharin

Patchara Phakdichot or "Kung Ploy", the former wife of Mr. Sornram Theppitak, was launched as a member of the TOT. Mr. Mongkolkit said that

check house registration

Ms. Kanittharin is in Ang Thong Province, should apply in Ang Thong Province. Ms. Kanittharin said that she followed Mr. Mongkolkit in Tik Tok, liked his identity, goals and work. Because in the past he had experienced mistakes in life about online gambling websites. If the government seriously solved the problem, it would help solve youth problems and many others who made mistakes in life.

I want to apply for election in my hometown, Ang Thong Province.

Expose 2-3 major parties receive gray Chinese funding.

Mr. Mongkolkit said

know that there is a network

Online gambling is the main income of some party networks.

These are all related.

Including politicians are not sure that Mr. Genius

Ruang Rattanaphong, president of the club, helps victims of crime reveal the names of politicians with initials.

A.D., the main capitalist backs online gambling or not. There are still people in the political circle who sit in the council meeting in 2-3 parties involved in online gambling.

These funds are gray funds that will be used for political work during the upcoming elections.

If it's normal capital like energy capital, it's another group.

There are magnate capital, energy capital, gray capital, paying election fees to big parties.

Go check it out and you will know that this group of people is close to powerful people.

It was a different network and Du Hao was Du Hao's leader again.

will keep the information

Used for general discussion according to Article 152 of the Constitution During the interview, Mr. Mongkolkit showed a group of people who claimed

associated with the gray capital network, close to the authority

The Election Commission of Thailand hopes that the EC cannot demarcate the boundaries in time

At OZO North Pattaya Hotel, Office of the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT), Mr. Santad Siriananphaiboon, the Election Commission of Thailand presided over the opening ceremony of the training program on political party performance enhancement for

office worker

Provincial Election Commission

on duty

Regarding political parties for the year 2023, Mr. Sawaeng Boonmee, Secretary-General of the Election Commission of Thailand attended.

The Election Commission has already drafted it, but has to wait for the election law to have 25 days after the law takes effect.

Forced to demarcate

If the parliament is dissolved during this period, it is also terrifying because there will be no district.

and unable to apply for election

Worried about whether there will be 45 days before the end of the term of the council or the dissolution of the council?

If the election

Safety must be counted from March 23, going back 45 days, and if the parliament is dissolved, it will be faster than before.

If the law takes effect

Come into force and dissolve the parliament

We don't have time to work after the dissolution of parliament for 5 days. We have to apply for applications, but we don't have time to divide our boundaries and yet.

The party does not have time to vote primaries.

There is no walking zone at all.

Car mob supports "Tantawan-Bam"

at 1:10 p.m. in front of McDonald's, Democracy Monument

Ratchadamnoen Road in the middle of the civil mob network, Mr. Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, former imprisoned person for Article 112 case, leader of the 24 June Democracy Group, Mr. Jetsada Sriplang, leader of the Nonthaburi New Generation Network, Ms. Netiporn Sanehsangkhom, leader of the group Talu Wang, etc. Meet the car mob assembly line, about 50 motorcycles moving from the Democracy Monument to the Criminal Court.

Ratchadapisek Road

to submit a letter to the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court to comply with the demands of Ms. Thantawan Tulanon and Ms. Orawan Phupong or Bam, 2 youths accused of Section 112 cases who requested to withdraw their own bail Water hunger in prisons calls for: 1. Reform of the justice system

The court must not interfere.

2. Cease prosecuting people and release all political prisoners; and 3.

Every political party must propose a policy to repeal Article 112 and Article 116, with the protesters taking to the stage to attack the justice process, honking their horns and shouting at the door.

Salaya students read the statement

Bring the procession to submit a letter through a representative of the Office of the Criminal Court.

And the meeting was held on the last day of the 112-hour stand-off activity on January 26 in front of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

before the meeting ends

"Somyot" pressured "Area" to press the button to dispose of Mor. 112

Mr. Somyot said

All 3 demands are immediately fulfilled.

But if they don't, they will endanger the lives of the two youths who are starving.

Political parties should not be indifferent.

Especially the party that wants to land a slide like the Pheu Thai Party (PAT) if you want to overcome the conflict.

Article 112 must be repealed, but if not done, the election will not mean only changing the leadership.

despite good economic policies

But a person without freedom is useless.

Like a pet in a cage, I want the Pheu Thai Party to use its ethical courage to land slides by canceling 112, otherwise it will be a party without a backbone, because this claim is representative of the will.

of a large number of people

"Top" appoints "acting director general"

Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (Thailand) revealed that on the date of signing

In the order and effective immediately, Mr. Atthapol Charoenchansa, Director-General of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources

Acting in the position of Director General of the Department of National Parks

wild animals and plants

and Mr. Apichai Ekwanakul, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources

Acting in place of Mr. Atthaphon, in order to ensure speed and continuity in work, reporters reported.

The said position is the position of Mr. Ratchada Suriyakul Na Ayutthaya, Director General of the Department of National Parks.

which was suppressed by the police of the Defense Force

Anti-Corruption and Misconduct (Bor.Por.Por.) Officials of the Office of the Anti-Corruption Commission

National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) and the Office of the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) raided and arrested cases of bribery demanding government officials under their jurisdiction.

and was transferred to serve at the Government House

"Attapon" shifts into gear to clear "Chaiwat"

Mr. Atthaphon said that on January 26, he will go to work at the Department of National Parks immediately.

There isn't much ceremony.

After having breakfast at the cafeteria, I went to my office.

and will talk to Mr. Chaiwat on the phone


Director of the Office of Conservation Area 9 to inquire, discuss all the details of what happened.

in order to expedite solving the problem as soon as possible