During December 2022, the volume of non-cash payments made through cards is 2967 mln.

formed manat.

"APA-Economics" reports with reference to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan that the volume of non-cash transactions has increased twice.

2313 mln. of non-cash payments.

AZN is the share of electronic commerce.

650 million of the remaining amount.

AZN POS-terminals, 2.7 mln.

and AZN was realized through self-service terminals.

During December, the volume of non-cash domestic transactions with payment cards made up 46.9% of domestic card transactions.

In addition, a dynamic growth was observed in the payment service network of banks.

Thus, compared to the end of December last year, the number of ATMs increased by 3.1%, and the number of POS terminals increased by 29.8%.