new personnel

[Reporter Zou Jingwen/Taipei Report] After continuous and intensive work, new cabinet personnel emerged on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year yesterday.

In addition to the new Cabinet Kui first confirming that Chen Jianren will take over, it is understood that former Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan has been appointed by Deputy Cabinet Kui.

In order to strengthen communication, Chen Zongyan, one of the "Anti-epidemic Mayday", was also appointed as the spokesperson of the Political Council.

In terms of personnel in the presidential palace, President Tsai Ing-wen will meet with former Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong today to inquire about his willingness to serve as the secretary-general of the presidential palace, so as to leverage on his expertise and help deal with the dual challenges of external and internal work.

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It is understood that President Tsai and Zhun Cabinet Chen Jianren defined the new cabinet with "warmth and tenacity". President Tsai exchanged views with Dean Su Zhenchang and Vice President Lai Qingde yesterday morning. default list.

It is understood that Chen Jianren expressed to Tsai Ing-wen that in addition to professionalism as the basis, he will lay out three principles: first, increase female cabinet members; second, make cabinet members younger and cultivate middle-aged and strong talents; third, recruit local Candidates with experience in governance or public opinion will shorten the distance between the central government and the local government, and make the new cabinet closer to public opinion.

The layout of the new pavilion will increase women and rejuvenate

With regard to Zheng Wencan's promotion to the deputy cabinet, the authorities mainly consider that after the election, under the political situation where the local territory is more blue than green, many major policies require the cooperation of the central and local governments to be promoted smoothly.

And Zheng Wencan has the characteristics and style of soft body, smooth handling, good coordination and familiarity with local affairs. He is similar to Chen Jianren in tonality and complementary in expertise, so he was jointly recognized by Cai and Chen.

The quasi-cabinet team will be prepared by Chen Jianren on January 26, and Tsai Ing-wen will hold a press conference on January 27 to officially announce the new cabinet.

The follow-up work of cabinet formation will be handed over to Chen Jianren, while President Tsai will proceed with the adjustment of the presidential palace and the national security team.

According to the current progress, it is expected that the Soviet cabinet will resign on January 30, the first working day after the beginning of spring, and the new cabinet and the new national security team will officially take office on January 31.