An investigation into the Nauru ex-consul's home neared a conclusion after a series of arrests of both 191 police and DSI officials were bounced.

Being suspended in a row!

It is the origin of throwing poop back and forth.

Who is the host?

Up to now, the investigative series of

Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, has the latest information that

This comes from a senior officer in the DSI receiving complaints that

There is an unusual movement at the home of the former consul of Nauru.

instead of their own people coming in and out

Turns out there are many Chinese coming in and out all the time.

suspected of doing something illegal

In addition, the Chinese Tao story is becoming a strong trend.

Coordinate the side to the deputy

One well-known commander in chief

to help obtain a search warrant

Because the DSI does not have the authority to act in front of this deputy commissioner, he coordinated with his subordinates who are deputy commissioners of the National Security Council (191) to order Pol. Col. Denla Rattanakij to Superintendent of patrols and special operations (as deputy superintendent of the SorPorPorPorPorPor) organizes a series of actions

This one is considered Ko-Tor Heng?

Because the director was born infected with COVID-19, he therefore assigned the work.

Therefore, there are only subordinate police officers.

Senator. Ready to go to action.

In the house where the incident happened, now I know all that

Who are the characters? Summary: 9 police officers, 5 DSI officers, 1 interpreter and 1 Chinese woman arrested with 2.5 million baht in money sent to investigators.

Thungmahamek police station inspect

But 11 Chinese people were released, one of them was Mr. Mao Deng Peng, accused under the Interpol red notice!

More importantly, about 9 million baht in cash is missing!

This point from the press release of the investigative series confirms that

already know that

Where did the money go? Anyway, but it's been a week and it's still quiet?

In fact, there were still 3 other 191 policemen involved.

But it was the person who was called later.

to receive the accused and 2.5 million baht to send the investigating officer to prosecute

When it's not involved in the hit set, it doesn't take any action.

Let's be fair, this matter is not the end.

After the conclusion of the case, would you like "Khun Joke" to hurry up and make a statement to clarify the society?

United baht