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Attempts to damage the bilateral relations between the Republic of North Macedonia and Bulgaria are also attempts to damage the unity in Europe, which is necessary for both the European Union and the Western Balkans, as the war in Ukraine showed, says in an interview with the Serbian newspaper " Politics" the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski.  

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"We remain committed to the development of good-neighborly relations with the Republic of Bulgaria in the spirit of European values, through mutual respect and policies of mutual understanding. Because in the official relations and policies, even between the citizens of the two countries, there is mutual understanding and respect. I believe that we will be able to rise above all the attempts of third countries that have their own installations in both countries and for foreign interests are trying to harm our bilateral relations," Kovacevski said in the interview, quoted by the government's press center in Skopje.

Kovacevski: Those who initiated the events in Ohrid do not want to see North Macedonia in the EU

In the interview, Kovacevski says that he believes in dialogue as a way to solve any issue, as well as in the capacity of the Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia, and sees opportunities for further development of the European integration of the two countries and the entire Western Balkans, notes BTA.

Relations Bulgaria - Republic of Macedonia

Dimitar Kovachevski