The company built a high-tech inspection vehicle equipped with a panoramic camera and an AI system, which can automatically compare whether there is any abnormality in the road facilities during the inspection.

(Provided by the General Directorate of Highways)

[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Taipei Report] The length of provincial highways in Taiwan exceeds 5,000 kilometers. At present, manual inspections by the General Administration of Highways are used as safety checks.

The company is promoting the "Smart Highway Innovation Mobile Construction Service Plan", installing panoramic camera shooting and artificial intelligence (AI) systems on two inspection vehicles, and the system automatically collects signs, markings, signs and roadsides during road inspection Facilities, when driving on the same road section, automatically compare whether there is any variation in the facilities, and find out road problems.

Li Zhongzhang, Deputy Chief Engineering Department of the General Administration of Highways, said that the two high-tech inspection vehicles are automatically identified by AI combined with images. They were built at the end of last year, mainly in the first district of the highway (maintenance of Keelung, Xinbei, Taipei, Taoyuan, and Hsinchu provincial highways). , The second district maintenance engineering office (maintenance of Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Nantou provincial roads) maintains the road test smart inspection work. Before 2025, it will be responsible for the road inspection test of 500 kilometers, and record the street scene images of the provincial roads Draw it into a high-precision map, including road information, roadside facilities, road trees, buildings, etc., and preserve precious images of provincial roads.

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The two inspection vehicles are also equipped with a panoramic camera and an AI system. Through the AI ​​automatic analysis tool, it can automatically identify whether there is any change in road facilities, such as poles, sign skew, severe wear and tear on the marking lines, and potholes on the road surface. Can be detected automatically.

Li Zhongzhang said that if the test results meet expectations, the automation and intelligence of road maintenance can be expanded in the future, the efficiency of road inspections can be improved, the burden of inspection personnel can be reduced, and maintenance omissions can be reduced.