One hour in the plenary hall of the 48th National Assembly costs the taxpayers nearly BGN 30,000.

This shows the balance sheet of our team at the end of this again short parliament.

For the first two months of their activity - November and December, the deputies received salaries in the amount of BGN 3,784,541.

On average, they spoke about 127 hours from the podium.

Thus, one hour in the hall is BGN 29,799, BTV reports.

For the three months from October to December, the subsidies of the parties are BGN 4,780,000.

The most are for GERB - BGN 1,265,000, followed by "Continuing the Change" with just over a million.

The last working days of the 48th National Assembly are coming to an end

DPS has BGN 687,000, "Vazrazhdane" - BGN 500,000, and BSP - BGN 464,000.

"Democratic Bulgaria" expects BGN 372,000, "Bulgarian Rise" - BGN 231,000, and extra-parliamentary parties above one percent - BGN 241,000.

At the same time, the 48th National Assembly failed to pass a number of bills - such as the laws under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and part of the judicial reform.

The state budget was not adopted either.

The time did not arrive for the texts related to our membership in the Eurozone and Schengen.

At the end of their mandate, the deputies reached the judicial reform.

And although the work started, the scandal this time was not about the content, but about the chaotic changes.

Vazrazhdane announced that only the dissolution of the parliament would solve the problem.

Criticisms against ideas to digitize work in the judicial system have met with counter-criticisms.

Some of the laws related to judicial reform are already a fact.

However, control over the Attorney General remained for tomorrow.

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