The SUV and the locomotive collided, and the locomotive was almost completely destroyed.

(picture provided by the public)

[Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli Report] Dahu Township, Miaoli County is in the strawberry season, and there is a lot of traffic. At noon today, a collision accident occurred between an SUV and a locomotive. The locomotive was almost completely destroyed, and the front of the SUV was also seriously damaged. The police are investigating Further clarify the cause of the accident in detail.

The Dahu police said that a motorcycle collided with a recreational vehicle at 147.3 kilometers from the third line of Taiwan. The motorcycle was almost completely destroyed, and the parts of the vehicle were scattered all over the ground. Fortunately, the rider only had a fracture and abrasion on his left thumb. He was conscious and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment .

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According to the police investigation, at the time of the incident, the heavy-duty rider was traveling from south to north on the third line of Taiwan. The SUV drove in from the off-street parking lot and collided with the accident site, causing the rider to fly into the lying lane. The measured value is 0.