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I do not expect any significant development of the conflict at this moment, acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov commented to the media

Dimitar Stoyanov was born on October 28, 1968 in Svilengrad.

In 1986, he finished in relation to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, before participating in a closed session of the parliamentary defense committee.

"We see that at the moment it is a positional defense on the part of the Ukrainian army, it is the same on the part of the Russian army.

I do not expect any significant development of the conflict at this point.

Whether there will be further development, whether there will be a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces, depends a lot on the ratio of forces, in order for there to be a normal counter-offensive, the superiority of force must be at least 3 to 1," said Stoyanov. 

Dimitar Stoyanov: It is no secret that Bulgaria exported weapons to Ukraine through other countries

On the occasion of the decision of the Constitutional Court to open a case at the request of the Council of Ministers for the interpretation of the basic law in connection with the answer to the question of whether it is permissible to introduce compulsory military training in peacetime for citizens with reserve status, the minister explained that he hopes that there is a clear interpretive decision that "we take advantage of and continue to educate our citizens."

According to him, every single Bulgarian citizen has a duty to the homeland and the fatherland, at the same time, the preparation for the fulfillment of this duty is nowhere formulated - "whether the Ministry of Defense can organize mobilization assemblies, whether it can conduct training, this is not written in The Law on Defense and Armed Forces".

The minister added that the reserve of spares should be prepared.

"Provided that the mandatory barracks have been abolished, the way of preparation remains the mobilization assemblies," said Stoyanov, quoted by BTA.

Dimitar Stoyanov

Department of Defense

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