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"I very much hope that no one will think that there should be an x, v, or whatever marked on the machine ballots with a pen.

This is a requirement of the law and it should not happen," said the chairperson of the Central Election Commission, Kamelia Neikova, on BTV.

According to her, the sectional election commissions will make sure not to allow scribbling and writing on these ballots.

She assured that there will be no problem with the delivery of the secure paper for the machine voting ballots and it will be delivered on time. 

"Real-time video surveillance and video recording will be carried out after the announcement of the end of the election day, during the counting of votes and reporting of the election results by the SEC.

In the sections that are more specific - for voters with disabilities, mobile sections, there is no provision by law to have video surveillance," Kamelia Neikova also said. 

Is the country ready for the early elections on April 2?

The Electoral Code has entrusted the technical provision of the elections to the Council of Ministers, and the CEC must determine the order and conditions under which it will take place. 

In the upcoming early parliamentary elections, there will be an increase in the remuneration of the members of the SEC. 

"About BGN 195 is the minimum remuneration.

Accordingly, this will lead to increases in the remuneration of the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and members of the district election commissions.

To all members of election commissions," the chairman of the CEC also said. 

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