A few days ago, many newspapers

The headline is "Brothers 3 years old" who broke out 2 years old to prepare to present themselves as a prime ministerial candidate.

In the next election, there will be three “face-to-face” campaigns.

The first time in Ratchaburi Province on January 17, the second time in Nakhon Sawan Province on January 20, and the third time in Chinatown, Bangkok, on Chinese New Year's Day.

For that Yaowarat

Newspapers also reported that P. Big Brother wore a red shirt.

Green jacket, jeans, and sneakers to pay homage to Guanyin Shrine.

at Thian Fah Foundation

There were many fans who came to pay their respects and ask for a "selfie" as well.

On the same day, Por Nong Lek had a schedule to come and walk around Yaowarat Road.

Along with many other NRCT leaders to pay homage to the gods and to meet the people as well

many newspapers

Therefore, headlines like "Big Brother" cut the face of "Little Sister" again.

A day later, before attending a meeting of the National Security Council at Big Brother's house, he met a reporter.

complained that he intended to pay homage to monks

to pay homage to Guanyin

at Thian Fah Foundation every year

I didn't intend to cut anyone's face.

Let's find out how we cut the prime minister's face, I don't know how?

The newspaper also reported that

Before going to the meeting, the Prime Minister called the two elders together as "3 P.O.", complete the team again, attended a small meeting in the living room for 5 minutes before going to the next general meeting.

and came out without making any statement.

where I summarized the newspaper news in detail

in order to diagnose

In what ways will the event that newspapers use the word “cut face” develop?

Does it affect the harmonious love situation between the 3-year-old siblings?

Knowing that all 3 of you can still talk normally for up to 5 minutes before going to the meeting together for another hour.

and before attending the meeting

The Grand Master also told reporters that

There was no face cut at all.

Compiling events like this, I feel a lot more at ease!

Because if there really is a "face cut", it will be very worrisome.

and may escalate to the point of quarreling with each other later

for whatever reason is unknown

Many Thai people have often quarreled with each other.

And many times ended up taking out weapons and attacking each other to death because of "driving" in front of each other

In the year 1987, during a trip to a small province

My team and I stopped by to refuel.

and took the opportunity to get out of the car and go into the coffee shop next to the gas station

Sit and drink coffee and relax.

The coffee seller told us as he brought the coffee to be served.

There was a funeral at the shop across the street.

The deceased drove a pick-up truck to deliver goods and was cut off by a Mercedes-Benz.

So shout out 2-3 words

A Mercedes passes over for a moment then turns back and shoots the pickup truck driver with a gun.

Until he died in the car before fleeing

“Very pity.

because he is the head of the family and has many young children,” the coffee seller summed up the incident.

back to Bangkok

I try to search in the library of Thai Rath.

on one saturday

because I want to know

How much is driving, cutting your face and cursing each other on the front page?

It appears that there were 4 times in that year alone, the time being the biggest news.

because the actioner

"Outside students" drive luxury cars. The incident occurred near the intersection of the Department of Land Transport behind Thai Rath.

There is a car driving in front of each other.

Between a luxury car and a taxi

When the car came to a red light in front of the department

The luxury car grabbed a gun down to salvo a taxi until death.

From the events of the past, about "cutting the face" as mentioned above, I was very worried, afraid that the two brothers and sisters would be very angry with each other like the parties in the news.

when you know that you can still talk and have a meeting

by the other party saying

“We didn't cut it,” I was relieved by this.

Leave the team of both brothers as well.

that do not try to organize programs that collide very often

If you can avoid it, you can avoid it far away... Our country is vast.

They can easily split up to vote.

Let's use the method of going to the area to "close" each other, come close to each other like this

I couldn't help but think that it was a deliberate "face cut".

Will cause the brothers to "join" the oath, have to "break" the oath, cause conflicts among themselves

As an example from old newspaper news.