In a telephone conversation, a Russian woman complains about the shameful state of mobilization in Russia, the unbearable living conditions of Russian soldiers and the indifference to this on the part of their command.

The relevant conversation was intercepted by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to her, the occupiers were left to their own devices.

They build a temporary home from improvised materials and have nothing to eat.

"They (the command. - Ed.) depended on people. This is everywhere, not only here. Nobody needs anyone. They lived in a boarding house. No house, nothing. Under a clear sky, they built a house for themselves from boxes, and everyone died and," says the occupier's wife. 

She asks the invader why he does not demand food and cigarettes from his command.

"They were coming yesterday. Why didn't you come up and ask: "what do I have.

I have no cigarettes.

Why didn't they bring water?

All food belongs to me.

You didn't bring croup.

You had to do it.

You get it where you put it," she said.

It will be recalled that in the intercepted conversation, the occupiers said that they were "fighting in Donbas with the Poles", on whom the Americans were allegedly testing special drugs.

Also, in one of the intercepted conversations, the occupier told his mother how the Russian army was destroying its own units.

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