In the Armed Forces, there is a big problem with mortars, because the old ones simply wore out, it is not possible to make new ones, and they "didn't think of it or didn't want to" buy them abroad in Ukraine.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about this in his video blog.

"I understand how huge a problem this is. And I see from the reviews and even from the list of the aid that our Western partners send us, there are very, very few mortars. 10-20 thousand mines are given. Yes,

mortars are sometimes handed over: there are 6 mortars

, the Baltic countries handed over. And artillery ammunition is given there in the amount of 500-300-200 thousand. Do you understand what the difference is? That is, it says that with mortars it is full, as the Germans say, schwach (translated - weak - ed.), very bad," Zhdanov described the situation.

He explained that mortars are a huge help to the infantry.

"Constantly bringing up this topic, I try to point out that give mortars, especially self-propelled.

For infantry, this is a huge help in terms of fighting

both defensively and offensively with enemy infantry, with located open and covered manpower. Yes, with armored you won't do anything with the equipment. As a rule, BMPs have anti-fragment armor, APCs have anti-bullet armor. For a tank, a mortar is generally like a mosquito bite or, at most, a bee. But for infantry, it is a very important tool," the military expert emphasized.

He reminded that Ukraine produced its own "Molot" mortars, during the use of which more than one soldier died.


And we have problems because we were doing stupid

things. Instead of buying normal barrels somewhere, we tried to make our own mortars 


, which killed and maimed more of our soldiers than the enemy. Twelve cases of breaking the barrel is in general it is incomprehensible to the mind. It is not used today, thank God. And even before the start of hostilities, it was decommissioned in the Armed Forces," Zhdanov said.

"We were engaged in this nonsense. Not having the technology to produce artillery barrels, we were engaged in the production of an artillery barrel for a mortar," he added.

As for the old mortars, they are very worn out.


the MP-120 or PM-138 mortars have exhausted their resource

- especially in the active combat operations of 2014-2015. I am completely silent about mines: we have not dealt with shells in these 8 years. That is why we have such a catastrophe with mortars. The old mortars are very worn out, new mortars - we couldn't do anything sensible, we did

n't guess or didn't want to buy them

. Obviously, the political situation was not like that," the expert noted.

He added that he does not have data on why Ukraine does not receive mortars from Western partners, but expressed the opinion that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prefers more serious and important models, such as armored fighting vehicles, artillery and high-precision ammunition for it. 

We will remind you that in the summer of 2018, at the Rivne combined military training ground, during brigade tactical exercises, a "Hammer" mortar exploded during the soldiers' execution of a fire mission.

There was an explosion of a mine in the bore of the mortar.

As a result, three people died, nine more were injured.

In September of the same year, the Molot mortar exploded again – this time in the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade.

Two people were injured.

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