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In our opinion, and given the opinion of the printing house of the BNB, for a possible date for the production of elections, March 26, it would practically not be possible to deliver the amount of paper, but on April 2, the Central Election Commission (CEC) will receive the necessary amounts of paper to ensure the election process as provided in the Electoral Code.

This was announced by the Chairman of the CEC, Kamelia Neikova

Kamelia Neikova was born on August 16, 1969. She graduated in law from the University of Ruse "Angel during her hearing in the National Assembly on the paper for machine voting.

She also gave explanations in connection with the preparation and conduct of the upcoming elections, including the results of the tests performed with the paper for machine voting.

"The CEC is ready with its first decisions, which it should take immediately after the presidential decree for the elections.

We are also ready with the determination of the mandates in the electoral districts. This will be in accordance with the data of the National Statistical Institute from the last census," she added. 

The CEC conducted experiments with secure ballot paper for machine voting

"Following the changes in the Election Code, the CEC had a meeting with the BNB printing house to print the ballots from machine voting. The BNB provided the CEC with three protection options for the purposes of the voting experiment, which took place a day ago," revealed Neykova and determined the experiment as successful. 

Camelia Neikova

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