An explosion rang out in Berdyansk on January 24 - the car of the well-known collaborator Valentina Mamai exploded.

This was reported by the local public and the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov.

A car with Russian license plates exploded on Rudenko Street in the area of ​​school No. 5, which is now closed. 

"A car, which is very similar to the car of a well-known collaborator, Valentina Mamai, exploded. It was Valentina

Mamai who first contacted the occupiers

when they entered the city," said one of the members of the public.

Photo from social networks

At the same time, the Russian media, citing the head of the "We are together with Russia" movement, Volodymyr Rogov, reported that a car belonging to Mamai was "blown up" in Berdyansk.

According to preliminary data, the collaborator was in the car.

Mayor Fedorov, in turn, confirmed the explosion of Mamai's car and reported that she was hospitalized.

"She gladly met the occupiers, organized a pseudo-referendum and betrayed the patriots of Berdyansk.

Now she is in the hospital - she is shaking with fear for her life

," the mayor wrote on the Web.

It will be recalled that in mid-January, Fedorov reported on the destruction of several enemy deployment points near Melitopol.

On January 18, in the village of Mykhailivka near Melitopol, explosions rang out in a school where the occupiers had placed a warehouse with ammunition.

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