Beautiful clothes in English. Some people use sweet, which means 'beautiful'. This dress is sweet. This dress is so beautiful. Good mood, use sweet. Rhonda is sweet-tempered.

Rhonda is a lovely person with a good sense of humor and sweet labor (labor) means 'work that pleases'. Sometimes the use of sweet depends on the sentence being used.

Asking for the way to the waterfall

The other person explains and ends the sentence saying It's sweet going. The way to go is very comfortable.

One grandmother ate without fear of diabetes and said, I've a sweet tooth. I like sweet nothings. This means 'sweet words', 'nonsense that most couples use to talk' that we Thai people say. that

Life has to meet both happiness and suffering. Foreigner will bring sweet to relate. Grandmother teaches grandchildren who are in high school that You must take both the sweets and the bitters of life. I have to face suffering and happiness in my life. Sweetheart. Yes, for example, my sweetheart, my sweet, my sweet one, my sweety, these are nouns meaning dear, sweet, heartfelt, such things.

Showing 'sweet' to someone, use sweet upon someone e.g. John seems sweet upon Rhonda. John seems sweet upon Rhonda.

Westerners like to say the word 'melt one's heart' or melt one's heart when encountering something very beautiful or cute.

like the beauty of a young woman

or the cuteness of animals

Sing because I use sweet. Linda sang sweetly. Linda sings sweetly. Things look good. Listen to them. Westerners use It sounds sweet.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai