The day before, the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service,

Sergei Naryshkin

, said that the Ukrainian military is stockpiling weapons and ammunition, including missiles for HIMARS, on the territory of the nuclear power plant (in particular, on Rivne).

According to Naryshkin, Ukraine expects that Russia will not strike at nuclear facilities, and if the weapons are detonated "because of a "stray" missile of the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces", it will be possible to blame Moscow for this.

The advisor of the Office of the President of Ukraine

, Mikhail Padalyak

, rejected these statements, accusing Russia of seizing the Zaporizhia NPP.

"Ukraine is always open to inspection bodies, in particular the IAEA.

The purpose of the Russians' lies is to justify their provocations," Padalyak wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, the Ukrainian "Energaatom" reported that IAEA inspectors regularly work at all Ukrainian nuclear power plants (Rovno, Khmelnytskyi and South Ukrainian).

Since September, they have been at the station in Zaporozhye, the territory of which was occupied by the Russian military.