Politics in front of the scene, brothers and sisters, 2 tigers crush each other, every event is a campaign stage.

Especially on the last weekend.

Coinciding with Chinese New Year's Day

Chinese New Year Festival 2023, Yaowarat area, Hua Kradai is not dry

Many parties have arranged their schedules to check their ratings, starting with

"Ung Ing" Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra

, the head of the Pheu Thai family, swinging

with "Sian Nid" Settha Thavisin,

Big Boss Sansiri.

Double pack launch

Pheu Thai's prime ministerial candidate


"Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan

, leader of the Pracharat Palang Pracharat Party, showed his face (again) to pay homage to the gods.

worship the sacred

Wishing you good health

Cut off the face

of "Nong Rak Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha

, the Prime Minister who has to freeze an important base in the evening.

Plus, with the rhythm of a train collision,

"Pita Limcharoenrat" , the leader of the Kao Kang Party, walks against


Peeraphan Salirataviphak ", the

leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party.

there is a wave of greeting

While a group of fans shouted the name of their own party.

make the atmosphere of the election campaign

That has been lost for a long time has returned again.

Politics in the foreground is the same.

Less than 2 months from now, the term of the government will be completed.

It's up to Gen. Prayut to throw Tiw to dissolve the parliament only when.

While there are still movements on the side of the Senate, previously, the Political Development Committee of "Seri Suwanpanon" throws a stone knot to amend Article 158 of the constitution on the tenure of the Prime Minister for 8 years.

Until there was a voice of criticism throughout the house throughout the city

Although Mr. Seri insisted that he did not propose a solution for any one person in particular

All parties, all parties, all have merit together.

But society has already seen it as a benefit.

General Prayuth full

Truth in the review report

Guidelines for promoting and developing honest and fair elections of the Committee for Political Development

This is not the only story.

Also offered as a package of multiple stories at the same time.

The eye-catching issue is

Getting the government to provide transportation for people traveling to vote at 500 baht per person initially costs about 20 billion baht for the 40 million voters.

with the pretext of stimulating the economy

Motivate people to exercise their right to vote and help create the concept of giving back to the land.

instead of rewarding politicians

to select good people with morals and ethics

Simply put, it is using money to pay people to go out and exercise their rights.

One aspect may be seen as a matter of facilitating the people.

having to bear the cost of traveling to the booth

in the hope that people will go out and exercise their rights as much as possible

But on the other hand, the right to vote

It is regarded as the fundamental right of the Thai people.

It is the right and duty of every voter.

If only the first basic

We have to spend money to pay the people's brothers and sisters to vote.

how can we hope

that in the future will develop politics to be stronger than now

Do not get stuck in a vicious circle of politics

power-hungry politicians

The military took power

The more he became obsessed with power and benefits.

On this principle, we should encourage people to know their rights and duties.

This will not happen.

If people have full mouths, full stomachs, and have a good basic quality of life

It's not solving anything.

It takes only one child.

solar fire