In the village

In Krasnosilya, Goshchanskyi district, Rivne region, an aggressive man attacked with a scythe the employees of the Military Commissariat, who brought his brother a summons. 

This is stated in the verdict of the Goshchan District Court of the Rivne Region. 

According to the court, on September 13, 2022, two employees of the Military Committee came to serve a summons on the suspect's brother, but he was not at home.

Then the military began to communicate with the man's relatives.

During this, the brother of the potential conscript attacked them with a scythe. 

He tried to seriously injure the lieutenant, because of which he fired three shots into the air.

Only after that, the aggressive resident of the Rivne region began to run away. 

At the court, the accused confessed to the crime.

He stated that he attacked the Military Commissariat employees because he thought that they came to his yard without permission.

And that is why the suspect wanted to expel them in this way. 

The court found the attacker guilty under Part 1 of Article 350 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

He was sentenced to three years of probation. 

Mobilization under martial law 

On February 24, 2022, President Zelensky introduced martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine.

All conscripts were forbidden to travel abroad. 

If the conscript does not come to the military committee after being served with the summons, he faces criminal liability in the form 

of imprisonment from 3 to 5 years 

in accordance with Article 336 of the Criminal Code.

Mobilization is currently underway in Ukraine.

In particular, it is known that at checkpoints in Lviv, at the entrances and exits from the city, cars are stopped en masse to serve summonses to men.

Summonses are issued in the city and to passers-by, as well as delivered to conscripts.

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