Today's online and offline world

Almost blended into one world, entertainment, knowledge or even relationships.

almost packed into a square screen

almost all of our hands

The live streaming app is one of the big online spaces.

Many people take their time to rest.

Look for happiness from "content" that meets your lifestyle.

Of course, with the popularity of content in such formats.

There must be a lot of competition in this market.

Today we will introduce one of the apps.

Interesting live streams such as "BK Live" (BK Live), a new-generation start-up business founded by Thai people.

ready to open a new perspective

Enhance the live streaming experience and respond to all lifestyles of viewers.

What will the design concept look like? We'll take a look.

Capturing the point of the market of lonely people, answering the questions satisfactorily

The current survey reveals that the Lonely Market has become a huge new audience.

For startup businesses in Thailand, with lifestyles and lifestyles that use technology as an important part.

Makes the proportion of lonely people in Thailand account for 40.4% or 26.57 million people from the total population.

With such numbers, Good Media Convergence Co., Ltd. sees an opportunity for Startup businesses that meet the aforementioned lifestyles of the new generation.

Therefore, the application "BK Live" was launched, which was developed by all Thai people.

to relieve loneliness for Thai people effectively

By partnering with strong technology partners such as Tencent, the co-developer of TikTok and WeChat applications, the goal is important.

is to be an app

Thailand's leading lifestyle

Whether it's a streamer

(also known as VJs) or audiences can easily connect with each other.

flow without interruption

under the concept "BK Live, friends close at your fingertips"

A connected world at your fingertips

Another strength of the BK Live app is that it is a space for the new generation to “make friends” easily at their fingertips.

meet the needs of the new generation

whether it supports creativity in any form

Delivering a new work experience

That does not require regular income in the traditional company structure

and create a positive energy space where content producers and content users can freely exchange their opinions, which is truly a safe space for new generation workers.

In addition, a superior livestreaming world experience

is another intention that BK Live intends to give to users.

for the new generation to be able to share ideas and

Sharing creativity without limits, giving VJs the opportunity to fully show their talents and be themselves. Plus, BK Live is ready to offer more opportunities with "BK House", a complete media and advertising producer (Production House). that is ready to support the production of various types of content

Responding to audiences of all genders and ages

have fun with infotainment

and a lot of content

It is a safe space and a friendly atmosphere for both VJs and viewers to enjoy the live stream together.

Walk and grow with everyone.

BK Live's important goal, besides becoming an app

The number one livestream that Thai people choose to use.

Another important factor is the expectation of business growth for VJs and viewers at the same time.

creating a safe space

And gaining the trust of VJs and viewers is what they expect the most.

with confidence

full attention in every step of work

Ready to accept every challenge

and adjust to keep pace with new trends and technologies

If you are interested in growing with the startup business of the new generation, BK Live is open to recruiting colleagues who are ready to take on any challenge.

Visit the BK Live Careers website to view job vacancies.