An accident occurred at the private amusement facility "Sky Rotating Swing" at Niuwang Temple in Huaicaowa, Henan, China, causing many injuries.

(The picture is taken from the video)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] On the 22nd, an out-of-control accident occurred in the Niuwang Temple of Huaicaowa, Jishui Township, Dancheng County, Henan Province, China. When the "Spinning Swing in the Sky" was in operation, the equipment suddenly hit the guardrail on the side, causing the seat above The ropes were knotted with each other, causing many injuries. At present, the relevant units have been involved in the investigation.

According to Chinese media reports, a temple fair was held at the Niuwang Temple in Huaicaowa, Dancheng County, Henan Province, China on the 22nd. At that time, it was suspected that some people had built a playground privately. The ropes were knotted and out of control, and many people were thrown and fell to the ground. The scene was dangerous.

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Witnesses said that when they saw the facility was out of control, they immediately pressed the emergency stop button. After the facility came to a complete stop, the surrounding tourists rushed forward to hug the injured.

It is understood that all the injured tourists are now safe, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

This thrilling accident was also photographed by the public and uploaded to the Internet, which immediately attracted the attention of netizens, "There is a kind of pain that hurts when you look at it", "One dares to sell tickets, the other dares to play, awesome B", "This kind of project is wild. Dare to play at a stall?", "Too outrageous", "Personally speaking, I lost my pants", "Can a manager make such a low-level mistake? Playing games and seeing this place and big cars dare to play?", "It's so dangerous ", "I never want children to play in this kind of mobile place on the side of the road. Even if they play in a regular park playground, they almost don't want to play this kind of thing, it's dangerous."