With less than 9 months left to manage the unit, the life clock in the khaki uniform of

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, Police Commander, how much "passed the exam" in the past 3 months, sitting in the chair to control the reins of "Pathumwan Army"

The person assigned Maj. Gen. Achayon Kraithong, deputy commissioner of the Immigration Bureau as spokesman for the police and the team to announce the results of the work from October 1, 2022 to December 31. .65

According to the statistics of mobilizing crime, it is a satisfactory number from the success of the

“Stop Walk and Talk Project”

. Collecting data from stopping vehicles to inspect people to use in pre-crime prevention in conjunction with the 1 Police 1 Village Meet project. Get to know and listen to problems from the people.

seek cooperation to destroy the drug process

Technology crime suppression division catches up.

"Criminals in the online world"

get 30 percent as a total damage.

8,815,670,563 baht, 24,614 accounts can be attached, income can be attached 105,917,104 baht

along with a memorandum of cooperation between

Royal Thai Police and the Association of State Financial Institutions

There were representatives from the Ministry of Digital, NBTC, Bank of Thailand, AMLO as witnesses.

Create a network of technology crime prevention (Cyber ​​Vaccine) across the country.

Upgrading public services of 1,484 police stations, focusing on providing services

"Like relatives" recognize the problems for people in the area.

as well as a variety of other projects

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat intends to lead the "army" into professionalism.

Work proactively for public peace.

United baht