The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, announced important results for the defense of the state, which were achieved on the diplomatic front on January 24.

The head of state said this in an evening video message.

In particular, he reported on France's help in strengthening Ukrainian air defense and expanding "armored cooperation".

"Today we continued our diplomatic marathon and we have new concrete results for our defense, which are very important. I had long talks with French President Macron today. Many topics. I thank Mr. President for his willingness to strengthen Ukrainian air defense and expand our armored cooperation. It is this armored element becomes more and more important for the situation at the front. The same as the artillery. I thank France and Emmanuel personally for the decisions we really need to strengthen the Ukrainian artillery. Thank you also for the appropriate leadership within our anti-war coalition," Zelenskyi said. 

He noted that Russia is preparing for a new wave of aggression - with the forces it is capable of mobilizing.

Now the occupiers are already increasing the pressure on Bakhmutsky, Ugledarsky and other directions.

The enemy seeks to intensify its pressure on an even larger scale and throw more people and equipment into the battle.

"And therefore, all of us in the free world should strengthen our cooperation in order not only to respond to the next Russian criminal actions. Although there will be, of course. There will be a response. And to prevent new Russian criminal actions as much as possible.

The initiative in war must remain with our forces.

And I heard today a complete understanding of the situation both in the conversation with Mr. President Macron and in the conversation with Mr. President of Finland, who was visiting Kyiv today," the President of Ukraine said.

He noted that there is a new package of support from Finland, particularly defense.

In addition, there is a readiness on the part of Finland to strengthen sanctions against Russia and join diplomatic initiatives of Ukraine.  

"That is, today, thanks to the French and Finnish stages of our diplomatic marathon, made it possible to significantly strengthen Ukrainian defense. The main thing now is the speed of implementation of everything we agreed on," Zelenskyy pointed out.