The ex-wife of showman

Volodymyr Ostapchuk

, notary public and blogger


Hornyak , answered questions about her life.

In a recent post on Instagram, Khrystyna talked to her followers about personal topics, however, she did not go into detail.

Yes, one of the fans asked the blogger if she is not afraid of loneliness after the divorce. 

Khrystyna assured that she does not suffer from a lack of male attention and is not afraid to start a relationship, even if it does not lead to a family.

"I say it like it is: I will never be without my husband, because I have a lot of attention for them all my life. I feel confident enough about this! This does not mean that everyone is for a family, or marriage, no... But loneliness it's difficult for me to feel in this sense. It happens, of course, that the feelings are not mutual or something else...", Khrystyna shared.


However, as Gorniak noted, sometimes she feels disappointment, but she does not let this become an obstacle to a new relationship. 

"With age and disappointment, there is a fear of starting something new. There is such a fear, but my thirst for life and love is stronger than it. No matter how many times I make mistakes, I will give birth to it again and again. And so in everything," said Khrystyna.

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