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Over 100 municipal institutions are participating in the initiative of the Metropolitan Municipality for the adoption of homeless animals "Homeless or Homeless.

The key is in you!", which will start on January 24, 2023, the press center of the municipality reports.

"By adopting a dog or a kitten, we gain a new friend while helping to reduce the number of homeless animals," said Miroslav Boršos, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, on the occasion of the launch of the campaign.

Christmas bazaar for stray animals in Pernik

Over 100 municipal institutions, including kindergartens and schools, cultural institutes, regional administrations, theaters, libraries, museums, etc., dawned with posters of tailed friends looking for a home.

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage the adoption of animals from shelters and nature protection organizations, to promote the adequate care of dogs and cats, and to influence the change of people's attitude towards the adoption of stray animals.

Each poster has a picture of a different four-legged tailed deer, and a QR code leads to the story of the animal from a shelter or conservation organization and how to adopt it.

Kosmatkovci are from Animal Rescue Sofia, "CHETIRI LAPI" and OP "Ecobalance" who joined hands for more four-legged tailed friends to find their permanent home.

As part of the initiative, all metropolitan schools and kindergartens received video materials from the International Animal Protection Organization "FOUR PAWS", which aim to inform children how to be more responsible, both towards pets and stray animals.

The videos Responsible Dog Care and Responsible Cat Care are available for free viewing.

The campaign is organized by the Metropolitan Municipality, Sports and Youth Activities Directorate and the Environment Directorate, in partnership with Animal Rescue Sofia, "CHETIRI LAPI" and OP "Ecobalance", in accordance with the Action Plan of the Metropolitan Municipality's Program for implementation of the National Program for controlling the population of stray dogs on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Within the framework of the campaign, the organizers promise to hold many different events.

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