Residents of the Kherson region are already receiving humanitarian aid from the Coca-Cola company, which, together with the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, is implementing a socially responsible program to provide 70,000 food kits worth more than 4.7 million euros to regions experiencing the greatest need for food and drinking water

This time, help came to the village of Kiselyvka, which is 17 km from Kherson.

During the occupation, almost a hundred houses of local residents were damaged.

Therefore, half of the 1,600 residents left.

"Today's event in Kyselivka is part of a large project where we, together with the Red Cross, provide 70,000 food kits to those sections of the population of Ukraine who need it the most. First of all, these are cereals, canned fish, which cover the needs of one person for one month." , - notes director of corporate relations and sustainable development of Coca-Cola HBC in Ukraine Andriy Bublyk.

We note that product sets are formed in accordance with scientifically based international standards.

They include products with a long shelf life, as well as bottled drinking water and beverages.

The kits were delivered to Ukraine with the assistance of the Italian Red Cross.

Volunteers of the Red Cross of Ukraine transport them across the territory of Ukraine and hand them over to people who currently need such help the most.

"A company like Coca-Cola is a very clear example of socially responsible business. The Red Cross cooperated with Coca-Cola even before the full-scale invasion, and the company always responded to people's needs," commented the acting head of Khersonska on the partnership with the company of the regional organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, Larisa Marchenko.

Earlier we reported that the food packages, supplemented with drinks and water, were received in the Chernihiv village of Yagidne, which was under Russian occupation for 55 days.

As of February 24, 2022, the Coca-Cola Company allocated more than 18 million euros to humanitarian aid to Ukrainians and support for its employees.