Can you imagine what they think of us after they try so basic to work us old tricks? 

And what's worse... can you imagine what kind of opinion we must have of ourselves that we get attached to them. 

Can you imagine the sense of timelessness and untouchability that some have to repeat the same number?

Showing up as the face of doing nothing, then demanding to be given more and more opportunities to do the same. 

We are back on the topic of referendums.

The kopeck still refuses to hear that the lev tied to the euro (since more than 20 years ago) is the same as being with the euro, BUT... without the opportunity to participate in making any decisions, and that an international agreement has already been signed not subject to change - at least in one document called the Constitution, it says so.

But he is clear, he fishes on the bottom, he can afford to talk about referendums, about chemtrails, about covid labs, satanists and vaccines, and gain from it, not lose a fan base. 

But another hero of the Transition thought of the referendums.


Just a reminder: Slavi and ITN entered politics thanks to their majority vote referendum. 

The majority vote

is what allows the people to choose specific individuals, and not vote "wholesale" for a party and then whoever the party drops - him!

Not a bad idea that won many followers.


Then they entered the parliament and something happened.

As of mid-April 2021, GERB told them they wanted the vote.

The ITN, if they really wanted the majority vote, with their 51 deputies at the time and GERB's 75, made a majority of 126. 

Only... only - no!

Slavi then said: "And with a safe, calm and confident Parliament, what will happen for the reason that the party "There is such a people" was created in the first place, namely - introduction of a majoritarian electoral system.

All in order."

Even then I wrote: "What does 'safe, calm and confident Parliament' mean?", because to me it sounds like "July 32 in the summer of cuckoo".

Is your Mercury retrograde, did your horoscope turn out to be bad, is the noise in the plenary hall bothering you, did someone look askance at you... all these can be reasons not to deal with what you were elected to do - the majority vote".

Even Ivo Siromakhov mocked them then:

They came in with big promises, backed out, even though AT LEAST that's what they could have done, and now they're talking about a referendum again. 

And they still have followers.

Thank God, not as much as before.

In my opinion, either we are very stupid, or they are, if they think that the "referendum" can pass again.

The election results will tell. 

Along the lines of the other attempts to check how much the people are asleep, a new project-coalition has emerged and - oh wonder!

– it includes BSP. 

The other major player is GERB. 


I thought of adding this about GERD after all, since I'm writing about Sleepers...)

So - will someone explain

how DB and PP were so far attacked and mocked

(by—you guessed it—GERB fans)

that they were in a coalition with the BSP


and now their party will form a coalition with the Cornelians

They were called "Komsomols" because they were with the BSP, and now...

Now everything is fine, now you can.

Our dear electoral units are sleeping, sleeping.

And they are waiting, as they like to say, "for someone to come and fix them."


Someone else.

And they wait.

How about they wait. 

How was it…?

"How long do we have to wait to get better?" "If you wait, it will be a long time." 

On the other hand, there are the followers of BSP (the word "follower" is not only used for sects, although in this case...), who participated in a coalition with PP and DB specifically to destroy the GERB model, and now...

And they're waiting for "Someone to come and fix them."

They are among the most patient.

But thanks to them, we all won't have to wait for anything.

We stay at a low speed and only make noise by forcing the engine. 

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