are trending and popular game applications among young people.

Because it has functions that are easy to understand.

The characters or accompanying graphics are beautiful, modern, which

Bondee game plays, how to

download through which applications?

Follow up in this article.

Do you know what game Bondee is?

Bondee App is

a newly launched and trending mobile gaming and social media application.

Because the function is easy to understand.

Easy way to play

The game simulates life through the creation of avatar characters.

Dress up like a fashion goddess

Decorate the room with furniture to your liking.

By being able to set a status indicating their own status

Go on an adventure at sea

and can add new friends to chat immediately



, the new game supports both iOS and Android systems, which can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play Store immediately.

How does Bondee play?

How to play

Bondee App

can be done easily.

Within a few steps:

1. Download the game, register with your phone number

2. Enter your birthday, name and password details

3. Create an avatar character.

Ready to dress up as you like

In which the game will have a variety of clothing styles to choose from.

4. Decorate your own room.

You can upload photos from your phone to the application.

To decorate the room as well.

5. Go on an adventure in the sea.

You can use the function to write messages.

Add a photo to the glass jar.

Then throw it into the sea for other players to collect.

At the same time, you can pick up other people's glass bottles as well.

6. Add friends with strangers.

Get to know up to 50 people through chatting, which if added friends

The system will immediately show your friend's room next to our room.


the Bondee game

can also save its own Qr Code and then send it to friends.

can also be scanned to add friends because the Bondee game can chat with other players

along with character creation

Decorate the room according to your style and preferences.

Combined with easy listening music, it becomes a game that can be enjoyed all day long.