On November 16, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine extended martial law until February 19, 2023.

Therefore, according to the law "

On the organization of labor relations under martial law

", until this date, Ukrainians will not have additional days off.

There is a high probability that martial law will be extended again.

Number of working days and weekends in February 2023

Official days off in February 2023 are only Saturdays and Sundays.

Accordingly, Ukrainians have

8 days off

: February 4 and 5, February 11 and 12, February 18 and 19, and February 25 and 26.

There will also be

20 working days


2023 is not a leap year

, so there will be only 28 days in February.

Holidays in February 2023 / Photo: TSN.ua

In the last month of winter, Ukrainians have several important holidays, including Valentine's Day (February 14), Unity Day (February 16), National Emblem Day (February 19), and International Mother Language Day (February 21).

Several important church events await believers.

In particular, the Ascension of the Lord (February 15), the beginning of Shrovetide (February 20) and the beginning

of Great Lent

(February 27).

State, international and church holidays in February 2023

  • February 2

    — Safe Internet Day;

  • February 4

    is World Cancer Day;

  • February 6

    — International Bartender's Day;

  • February 9

    — International Dentist Day;

  • February 11

    is the World Day of the Sick;

  • February 14

    — Valentine's Day and Computer Day;

  • February 15

    — the International Day of Children with Cancer, the Day of Commemoration of Participants in Combat Operations on the Territory of Other States and the Feast of the Lord's Supper;

  • February 17

    is the Day of Spontaneous Kindness;

  • February 20

    — the World Day of Social Justice and the beginning of Shrovetide;

  • February 21

    — International Mother Language Day;

  • February 22

    — International Day of Support for Victims of Crime;

  • February 27

    - the beginning of Great Lent.

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