In Tainan, 2 passenger cars chased and collided, and the white car fell into a large drain.

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〔Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report〕At noon today in Qigu District, Nanshi City, two passenger cars were chased and collided. Among them, the white passenger car fell into a large drain, and 5 people on board were slightly injured and sent to the hospital. The female passenger in the passenger seat of the black vehicle He was sent to the hospital with chest injuries due to the bursting of the airbag, but fortunately he was fine.

The fire department received a report at 12:51 noon today. There was a car accident at the intersection near the Wushen Seafood Store in Qigu District. A white car fell into the water and 5 people fell into the large drain, including about 70 years old, 40 years old, and 20 years old. Waiting for 3 men, and 2 women aged 40 and 15, dispatched 3 ambulances and 1 fire engine to rescue.

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It is understood that the five people who fell into the water were all conscious and could move on their own, with abrasions on their faces. After the ambulance personnel arrived at the scene, they were sent to Annan Hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the female surname of the passenger seat of the black car is about 60 years old, her chest was hit by the airbag and she felt uncomfortable. She was also sent to Annan Hospital.

Two small passenger cars in Tainan chased and collided, and the co-pilot of the black car was slightly injured.

(provided by the public)