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"The drama with the "Golden Goal" is not over yet, but I am assured that it will end".

This was announced by the Acting Minister of Agriculture, Yavor Gechev

Yavor Gechev was born on June 10, 1978 in Plovdiv.

He is an engineer-agronomist by education.

In 2001 in front of bTV.

He explained that the state company, which will carry out phytosanitary control along the border with Turkey, will be established by a decision of the Council of Ministers.

It will be subordinated to several departments - the Ministry of Finance, Agriculture and Transport, as well as the Food Agency, including the Customs Agency.

They will control its activities.

Gechev stated that closing this company will not be easy.

The contract termination drama is not completely over yet.

A private company won BGN 32 million from the "Golden Goal" of "Captain Andreevo"

"Every order of the Minister of Agriculture is always appealed.

I didn't expect anything to happen so easily, because there are always conditions.

We are preparing to really introduce real control, including with the decision of the Council of Ministers," Gechev explained.

The main task of the "Golden Goal" is to disinfect the cars that enter the territory of Bulgaria.

According to the Acting Minister of Agriculture, a great deal of work has been done to shorten the kilometer-long queues there, as well as to increase the capacity of the laboratory.

"To put it mildly, the case of "Golden Goal" is a bomb.

Delegated activities are allowed by law, but they continue to be done in a slightly different way, which seems to lead to the feeling in the state that something is wrong, that this is not right, that there are gaps in control, that a company has overdone everything at the border," Gechev added.  

He explained that nothing bothered him.

"When a person is clean, he has nothing to worry about, and so does the whole team," added the caretaker minister of agriculture.

Gechev also commented on the prices, stating that a slight drop in the price of bread can be expected.

"The Minister of Agriculture must also take care of the farmers.

"Bread is not that big of a problem, but dairy products have already become extremely expensive," he pointed out.

Gechev also said that speculation was always on the agenda, especially in cases like now, when there is mass psychosis.

Yavor Gechev