In New Zealand, the Labor Party is scrambling to find a new party leadership candidate to replace Labor leader Jacinda Ardern.

new zealand prime minister

who is a leader in solving the problem of COVID-19

Has impressed the audience, the cork from the chair of the country's leader, for the reason that the fire is exhausted, there is nothing that can make this position useful and advance the country.

therefore resigned to make way for

people with more fire

has come to serve the country next

After listening to the reason, Ng Ardern gave an interview to the media that

never regret the position

And not announcing support for anyone to become a candidate for the next prime minister of the country, let the people decide.

Thai people read the news.

Probably envious of the people of New Zealand.

Where can you find such a leader?

That's why New Zealanders are happy both physically and mentally.

All of this is a result of leadership because New Zealand has never had a problem with

invisible rubber gloves

There is no problem with the Covid vaccine quota.

There is no problem with overflowing hospital beds.

No gray Chinese capital problem.

affecting the DSI

National Police Agency

Security Center of the AMLO Army, NACC, Office of the Prosecutor

judicial process of the country

almost no good pieces left

There was no raid and arrest of the Director-General to the office for accepting bribes.

and all the aforementioned problems

in between

the appointment of a committee to investigate disciplinary matters

no matter how clear the evidence is

must set up a committee to wait for the inspection to be clear first

Wait until the matter is quiet to come to a decision again.

There is no country where people break the law.

can be liberated and can use money to create prestige

influence and power

This is so blatant

Using gray money to launder power to be white without fear of the law, especially using government agencies or organizations to launder money

Intoxicated by the people with vices, online gambling, online lottery, the result is a deteriorating society with drugs and gambling.

The head does not shake, the tail does not wag.


claiming benefits of government officials

Until it became a practice

The change for the head of the queue must have

affecting the stability of the country

Thailand has become a haven for all types of criminals.

Every project with change will be specially accelerated.

but the grassroots of the country

who need welfare from the state

Public health and education

That will be a factor leading to solving the problem of poverty and the quality of life of the people.

can only compensate, replace and heal

Thai people fall into a tragic state of society from generation to generation.

senior citizen holding political office

Arrested by foreigners, prosecuted and warrants issued for involvement in arms trade

international drug trafficking

Serious justice in foreign countries

But for Thailand it is normal.

iron fist