Taiwanese photographer Gao Guowei won the first prize in the portrait group of the 2022 Ocean Art Competition with his work "Mirror Reflection".

(The picture is taken from the official website of Underwater Photography Guide)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The world's largest underwater photography award "cean Art Underwater Photo Competition" (cean Art Underwater Photo Competition) recently announced the list of 2022 winners. Taiwanese photographer Kuo-Wei Kao.

The Ocean Art Underwater Photography Contest sponsored by the well-known underwater photography hobby association "Underwater Photography Guide" (Underwater Photography Guide) announced the winners of last year's competition on the 17th of this month.

This is the 11th competition held by the Association since 2012. Photographers from 96 countries and regions around the world provided thousands of works for fierce competition, divided into "Wide-Angle" (Wide-Angle Category), "Macro" ( Macro), "Marine Life Behavior", "Portrait", "Underwater Conservation", "Underwater Art" and other projects.

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Among them, in the "Portrait Group", Taiwanese photographer Gao Guowei won the first prize with his work "Mirror Reflection".

This work was shot at Jingualiao River in Pinglin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. At first glance, the protagonist appears to be two crabs stacked upside down. In fact, there is only one crab in the picture. The virtual image of the crab can be seen through the principle of flat mirror imaging.

Gao Guowei revealed that since the epidemic spread around the world, he was frustrated because he could not go abroad for diving photography, but he also had the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan. "Once I went to the stream and found many beautiful little crabs, so I started Every week I take my photography equipment to different locations to observe and try to photograph the stream ecology. After months of hard work, I finally captured the perfect reflection effect, and when I saw this photo, I was sure I did it!"

"Underwater Photography Guide" said that because of this work, Gao Guowei won a 14-day diving package at the White Sand Bay Resort on Lembeh Island, an Indonesian diving resort.