Some netizens believe that the lucky bags in Taiwan are too different from those in Japan.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] To welcome the Spring Festival, many supermarkets and stores have launched lucky bags to meet the occasion. ptt netizens found that there are still a bunch of unsalable lucky bags in a certain store. They were curious about the reason. Netizens responded mercilessly, "Taiwan's lucky bags are too different from Japan There are many, Taiwan clears spot and slow-moving", "clears inventory boxes and buys hits", "buying lucky bags is worse than buying lottery".

In addition to getting super-valued goods, the lucky bags in this store can also pick up cars, suitcases, etc. Regarding the possible reasons for the slow sales, netizens believe that "good value is the lucky bag, most of Taiwan sells garbage bags", "winning big prizes" Cars are fake, but inventory clearance is real", "Lucky bags = unsold inventory in warehouses", "Fuku bag interpretation: garbage wrapped up and sold to plates at a high price".

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Netizens also said, "In the previous example of 20% off and 40% off on bread, should the lucky bags also be sold at a discount?", "Save money to buy in Japan", "Buy one get one free and consider buying."