I told the story of going to the wrong bathroom, going to the ladies or the women's bathroom.

I met a foreigner who said, This is for ladies.

I pointed to myself and said This is for ladies too. I am for women too.

Even though it was a joke, no one at the table laughed at all.

A foreign friend looked me in the face and said This is a stale joke.

(He already knows) Some friends like to prank others.

especially during high school

John regularly pranks his friends. John is fond of practical jokes.

The manager ordered the employees to earn extra income into the company by making steamed buns.

and put a tray hanging around his neck for sale

Many people looked at the manager's face as if the manager was joking.

The manager said, This is no joke. 'This is not a joke.' Foreigners often say, This affair is no joke. It has the same meaning.

A Chinese man was jokingly played by a foreign colleague about a prankster.

Everyone laughed and waited to see how this Chinese would react.

The Chinese smiled a little and slowly said, I took the joke in good part. I didn't mind that he was joking with me this time. 'Take the joke in good part'. This phrase should be used. (People who come to tease or make fun of us.) We have said something.

being taken by people

I had to make excuses to survive that I said so for a joke.

If he still hasn't recovered from his anger, he might repeat that I said so jokingly.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai